What yoga mat dimension is right for you: Useful tips & Review of Mats

What yoga mat dimension is right for you: Useful tips & Review of Mats

For how long of a Yoga Mat Do I Need?

Yoga has come to be popular as a type of workout that promotes improved control of the body and mind as well as enhanced health. During old times, Indian yogis exercised straight on the yard or dust. Rugs made out of tiger or deer skins were additionally used; although, the scarcity as well as the high prices of them indicated that they were never especially widespread.

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When yoga exercise ended up being popular in the West, rubber, cotton, and towel-mats were utilized. A yoga floor covering is a type of floor covering that is made especially for yoga practice.

Yoga exercise floor covering gives a supported and also non-slip surface, which makes it much easier to carry out yoga asanas easily as well as securely. However, a yoga mat is definitely not a need for a fulfilling yoga method. Some may as well exercise on a bare floor if they locate it comfortably. A lot of experts though use a yoga mat for a few reasons. Hygiene is a significant variable in why people opt to make use of floor coverings. The floor coverings that can be leased or utilized for free at the studio do not appear to be cleaned very often. Nobody would certainly appreciate it during the Dolphin position or reduced slab. Even if the studio flooring is typically cleaned up after sessions, there is will still be a threat of conditions. These elements would make it clearer to understand why most practitioners choose their very own floor coverings.

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There is a variety of yoga mats now that are being marketed worldwide. They come in a substantial array of styles, shades, as well as patterns. Some are environment-friendly, while others are made to be easy to use and also lug around anywhere. The primary purpose of a yoga exercise mat is to help practitioners preserve the grasp of the feet and also hands while having the ability to expand the body into any kind of placement. The conventional size for a yoga exercise mat is 68 inches long and 24 inches vast, however, there are no set dimensions set by yoga specialists. While there is a wide array of floor coverings to choose from, there are also assist guides for practitioners to understand where to begin when picking a yoga mat, and also the excellent length.

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Different Lengths for Various Heights

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The first thing to take into consideration is the professional’s height and size. The person might end up with their knees and also hands going onto the unclean and also difficult flooring in numerous settings with a small mat The long yoga mat, in this instance, can make a significant distinction in the capability to enjoy the yoga experience more. The standard length of a yoga exercise mat amounts an individual who stands at 5′ 8″. For specialists past that height, or merely desire a longer mat, there are longer yoga mats that are available in sizes of 71 inches, 72 inches, 74 inches, as well as 84 inches. There are even extra-long mats that are past 7 feet long.

It is recommended that the experts locate a mat that enables their head as well as feet to be on the floor covering when existing flat. Extra-long yoga exercise floor coverings will certainly be somewhat much heavier to lug, as well as a little bulkier when rolled up, yet this is a little disadvantage compared to the pros of being comfortable during the yoga exercise practice.

Yoga exercise floor coverings with 28 or 30-inch widths are additionally offered. These are bigger than the 24-inch typical size however are terrific for those who desire a little bit, even more, shake space for presents on the back of the floor covering. Likewise, wider mats are excellent, if you need added area for presents such as a broad legged ahead fold or entrance position, where hands, legs, and feet have a tendency to go off the mat.

Understanding the Perfect Length through Yoga Poses

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To examine the length of the mat reliably, experts may do a Downward Dog position. The hands, as well as feet, should be on the floor covering in such a pose. If they locate their toes hang over the edge in this position making use of a basic sized mat, they should try one at 70 ″ or 73 ″ inches. This should keep them from sliding out of Downward-Facing Dog, even during vigorous moving Ashtanga method. Short yoga exercise floor coverings could make it difficult for experts to kickback.

One more setting that specialists may try before buying a yoga mat is the Corpse Pose. Because it is truly crucial to take into consideration a floor covering that is long sufficient, this posture could be examined to make certain that when lying on the flooring the face or head would also be on the mat and not on the bare flooring. This could be for numerous reasons: for cushioning, to keep the avoid of a chilly flooring, or just for convenience when in a public workshop. This can be among one of the most important alternatives to consider, especially when using a yoga exercise mat for Restorative Yoga

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The experts may additionally check a Chaturanga Pose. If the face discusses the mat while doing the posture, a longer floor covering is suggested. This might also help them determine if they require to reroute the placement on the mat.

Thinking about Where to Do Yoga

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Where to do yoga exercise also makes a big difference in picking the ideal floor covering. If experts intend to mostly do yoga at home, for example, they do not require to bother with a light-weight floor covering that they can transfer conveniently. Nevertheless, if yoga classes are done outside the house, a floor covering that is not as well long and also can be lugged around easily is a better selection. For professionals that travel a great deal as well as do yoga exercise when driving, they may look into a much shorter as well as lighter weight mat. Others buy a 2nd yoga exercise mat that they can prompt journeys.

Individuals can be found in all shapes and sizes, consequently, not all mats are created equivalent. This is why it is necessary to know how to find the best length. Having these elements to think about, selecting the best floor covering can never be hard. Yoga mat length is only one of the elements to think about in picking the best one; together with texture, shade, product, thickness, and other various points. Among these factors to consider, convenience is what always matters.

What Size of Yoga Mat Should You Choose?

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When it pertains to picking the right size yoga mat, simply use your very own physical dimensions to lead you. As a person that is 5′ 9″, I directly prefer a 24 x 72 floor covering. That gives me three extra inches to have fun with.

If optimal convenience is your goal, pick a floor covering that is 1-3 inches taller than you are. If you’re six feet tall or much more, you might wish to consider trying an 84-inch floor covering.

Folks who are on the larger side or have specifically wide shoulders might desire some added size too. It’s irritating to start a brand-new exercise like yoga and afterward discover that its equipment had not been designed with you in mind! So take into consideration a 28- or 36-inch wide floor covering in that instance.


Consider additionally whether you’ll be exercising yoga exercise at a studio or doing a house yoga routine. In the house, you have the liberty to select any kind of size you like, whereas if you see a small yoga exercise workshop, a huge floor covering may not be best.

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While you possibly won’t obtain tossed out for bringing a 36 x 84 floor covering to a studio, having such a big floor covering that needs an extra foot in each direction could be annoying to your fellow classmates. Then again, that’s only an issue if your class is chock-full on a regular basis, and also flooring space is at a premium.

Also bear in mind that long as well as broader floor coverings will be slightly much more pricey too, due to the additional material called for. So the budget is always an element.

Measurements of the Most Popular Yoga Mats

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Below’s a listing of a few of one of the most popular mats in operation today and also their sizes. You can see that there’s not a ton of variants. Numerous are the standard yoga mat size, while others have somewhat various measurements.

Yoga Mats Size
YogaDirect 24 x 72 (standard), 36 x 84 (extra-long and extra-wide)
Gaiam Print Yoga Mat 24 x 68
Sivan Comfort Foam Mat 24 x 71
Manduka PROlite 24 x 71 (standard), 24 x 79 (long)
Manduka Black Mat Pro 26 x 71 (standard), 26 x 85 (long)
TOPLUS Yoga Mat  26 x 72
Jade Harmony Pro 24 x 68, or 24 x 71, or 24 x 74
Hugger Mugger Sattva Jute  24 x 68
Aurorae Synergy 24 x 72

Recommended Options for every Yoga Mat Length

Finest 24 x 68 floor covering: Jade Harmony Professional.

The Jade Harmony has actually been a trusted choice for years currently. It is available in more colors than practically any kind of brand name, and also a lot more significantly, it’s made from environmentally friendly products, which give it a leg up over several of the extra fundamental mats. It gives great grippy traction also, so your hands will not slide about throughout presents.


Best 26 x 72 floor covering: TOPLUS Yoga Mat.

In a reasonably short time, the TOPLUS floor covering has turned into one of the most popular offered for acquisition online. It’s comfortable 26 x 72 size offers it a few additional inches on some of its rivals. Yet, it continues to be cost-effective. The TOPLUS is made from a safe PVC and can be found in a number of designs.

Best 26 x 85 floor covering: Manduka Black Mat Pro.

Manduka is maybe one of the most well-respected brand names in yoga mats. For almost 20 years, their Black Mat has actually been the standard in regards to durability as well as integrity. This mat is heavy, and also it’s costly, however, if you understand you’re committed to yoga, why not make the financial investment for a first-rate mat?

Ideal 36 x 84 floor covering: YogaAccessories Extra-Long and also Extra-Wide Mat.

There aren’t a ton of brands making the 36 x 84 mat just yet. This YogaAccessories design is the most effective of the bunch. It has a great density (a full quarter-inch), so it works well for larger folks. It’s likewise extra economical than lots of various other floor coverings.

Those are your choices! Sure, you could practice yoga without a floor covering, however that’s not advised for beginners. Or anyone, truly. As well as if you require additional support for your knees, think about getting some yoga exercise knee pads.

Will you select a standard yoga mat size or select something a little bit much longer or bigger?

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