UpCircleSeven Yoga Swing: Review and Useful Tips

Aerial yoga is significantly practical for your physical well being. Not just that, but it likewise has great restorative capacity. Lots of around the globe take advantage of the meditative experience that aerial yoga supplies.

There are numerous advantages to practicing aerial yoga, and if practiced regularly, it eases pain in the back and other back-related issues for starters. It is also highly effective in handling tension. It is a perfect physical fitness regimen for your mind and body.

Having a great aerial yoga set can significantly affect the quality of your experience. Having a great aerial yoga set guarantees a session with quality experience and safety.

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Among the very best aerial Yoga Trapeze/swing set in the marketplace comes from UpCirlce Seven, which is a great product for any aerial yoga practitioner. It is especially a fantastic option for beginners.

Are you thinking about getting yourself a new UpCircleSeven Yoga Swing to practice aerial yoga in your home? This evaluation will assist you to choose whether this yoga swing is right for you. Remember, you’ll be trusting this swing to support your weight while you hang upside down from it. Buying aerial equipment takes a little bit more thought than buying routine fitness center devices!

This swing is an excellent option for somebody searching for a high-quality yoga swing but has a tight budget plan. The UpCircleSeven Yoga Swing is the very best inexpensive alternative, over $20 cheaper than its primary competitors!

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It has a lot of colors to choose from, including black, pink, turquoise, cyan and orange. Whether you’re a seasoned aerialist or a brand new beginner, this yoga swing’s easy yet streamlined style is sure to have you hooked!

About the UpCircleSeven Yoga Swing Review

UpCircleSeven Yoga Swing

The UpCircleSeven Yoga Swing is an expertly created, pro-graded aerial yoga swing that you’ll find in fitness centers and yoga studios around the globe.

Here’s an overview of its highlights:

Large foam handles. The big foam deals with have cushioning added to them for added convenience on your hands, suggesting that you do not need to keep the nylon. These foam manages are 25% larger than other yoga swing sets with handles on the marketplace.

Triple-stitched swing seat. This swing’s seat has actually been triple-stitched for security and convenience.

Professional design. The professionally designed, dynamic colors of the shimmery, parachute and studio-quality material makes it perfect for both house and professional usage

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Usage indoors or outdoors. This hammock appropriates for both indoor or outdoor usage.

Health advantages. The health benefits of using a yoga swing, such as the UpCircleSeven Swing are large and varied. It can be used for inversion treatment, spine decompression and to alleviate aches and pains.

Load capacity. This swing features 2 multi-loop daisy chain ports, the very same type you see rock climbers use. Its capacity is 200lbs (90KG).

Quick & easy installation. It can be easily attached to your existing aerial rigging, ceiling suspension hooks or door frame. Aerial hardware is not included with the swing.

How to Install and use

Once you get the UpCircleSeven Yoga Swing and remove it from its product packaging, no doubt you’ll be eager to get going right now!

This video will teach you about the swing parts and various accessories, required security checks, how to connect a yoga swing knot, and the different mounting choices you can use.


The benefits of purchasing the UpCircleSeven Yoga Swing are:


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This is a very high quality, resilient, and stable yoga swing. It is made from the best parachute-grade fabric that’s been carefully stitched to comfortable assistance you during aerial yoga inversions.

Easy to Install

As you can see from the video above, it’s extremely simple to set up. It fits onto an aerial sports frame or rigging, ceiling hammock hooks, or a door frame. You can install it yourself with no assistance, you might require a ladder depending on the height of your ceilings!


upcircleseven aerial yoga swing installation; best aerial yoga swing

The foam deals with are the main selling point here and the bigger deals with on this swing are what sets it apart from other yoga swings. Throughout extended durations of holding the very same position, badly made manages or absence of manages can really begin to irritate your hands and cause friction burn. The thick cushioning on these foam manages actually makes a big difference.

Value for Money

This is one of the highest quality yoga swings available at the moment, but it costs significantly less than its main competitor (the Yoga Body Trapeze).


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All items have downsides, however, there aren’t many this time! But, for the sake of fairness, we should highlight a couple of negatives here.

Mounts not Included

It must be kept in mind that this item features no guidelines, however, there is a YouTube video rather. There’s also no aerial mounting hardware or rigging consisted of, you require to buy this independently.


If you’re trying to find a very high quality, long-lasting, safe product that provides outstanding worth for money, then that’s precisely what you get with the UpCircleSeven Yoga Swing. It provides on all areas and is ideal for brand new and skilled aerialists alike.

Questions & Answers:

1. Do I need to be versatile to be able to do aerial yoga?

You may have learned through your close friends that practice yoga what techniques they have the ability to do and also how versatile they are. While this holds true, it does not imply that they can flex that easily when they were simply starting. This puts on airborne yoga as high as for any other yoga exercise kind. If you are consistent with your techniques, you will extend your muscle mass sufficient to be considered ‘versatile’. You will certainly also start carrying out the difficult flows that you couldn’t execute previously.

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Essentially, every person must have the ability to do aerial yoga exercise regardless of his body. As long as you take safety measures and are utilizing your common sense to avoid potential injuries, there is no factor to avoid airborne yoga. Besides, contrary to popular opinion, it is a far better idea, to begin with, airborne yoga exercises rather than with regular on-ground yoga exercise. This is justified by the support group you have in the kind of a swing that plays a massive duty in aiding you to feel safe and be in sync with your body.

2. Exists an age limit related to utilizing yoga swings?

To the surprise of a lot of people, yoga swings are actually really compatible with every age from young to old. Children beginning with around the age of 5 and also the senior until the age of 80 are greater than welcome to dive into this new globe of aerial yoga exercise. What’s more, these prone teams are bound to gain even more health advantages than any other social team. By integrating a yoga exercise swing right into their regular, they can not only boost their metabolic rate and also immunity yet likewise aid their muscle mass to expand proportionately (kids) as well as manage high blood pressure (senior).

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That stated you could come across yoga exercise studios that do place an age limitation on those that are permitted to join airborne yoga exercise classes. If this holds true, you can always purchase a yoga exercise swing for at-home use and also simply allow your child to have a good time with it while supervising him.

3. Why is aerial yoga helpful for you?

The brand-new trend regarding aerial yoga is justified by a lot of benefits it troubles somebody that decided to try and also persevere. In addition to the inversion treatment that is confirmed to be the very best solution for alleviating pain in the back, airborne yoga exercise impacts the function of nearly each and every single part of your body including your internal organs.

It increases your adaptability as well as makes you more powerful. It improves your posture as well as removes neck and shoulder discomforts. It assists your joints to remain healthy for longer.

It facilitates better blood circulation as well as oxygen absorption. It improves the quality of your sleep. It removes your anxiousness episodes as well as removes stress. There is barely anything that aerial yoga is not able to aid you with.

4. Will I reduce weight utilizing a yoga exercise swing on a daily basis?

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When getting involved in yoga, you have to bear in mind that the main objective of yoga is not to lose weight. It is important to do it for the best function, and that is for quieting the consistent circulation of thoughts as well as connecting with your mind and body on a much deeper degree.

That being claimed, airborne yoga exercise is recognized to function the same way high-intensity, as well as weight-lifting exercises, do. It can aid you in melting your fat mass and gaining some muscular tissue mass because of its cardio-like essence.

5. Can I use my yoga swing outdoors?

Although yoga exercise swings were initially developed to be utilized indoors, nowadays manufacturers are continually creating the swings that are suitable for the outdoors. Just like hammocks that are seen hanging between both trees, a yoga exercise swing can be attached to trees, a garage, or a patio area for the outside use.

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It is without a doubt a completely various experience when you are exercising yoga outside and also are able to get in touch with nature. This is why we suggest you get out of your comfort area and also venture out fo the house to do yoga where it is implied to be enjoyed.

If you currently have a yoga swing or you simply bought one, leave a remark in the remark area below and also share your experience with it.

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