Top 5 Best Yoga DVDs for Beginners of 2020: Review & Tips

Top 5 Best Yoga DVDs for Beginners of 2020: Review & Tips

If you are reading this text, it is possible that you are knowledgeable and understand what it is and how we can take advantage of practicing it. It is likewise possible that you are an overall rookie in the workout world who would like to know a bit more about yoga. Possibly you already attempted some other exercises and recognized that you need something different.
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What is great about this discipline is that it integrates a huge variety of exercises that are extremely beneficial for your entire body. Each workout is carefully thought and planned in a way to increase muscle capacity for various muscle groups and to enhance your core. However, yoga doesn’t stop at enhancing your physical condition. If you start, you will get far more than that, due to the fact that the whole principle is created as a way that can considerably enhance your total psychological wellbeing. You will find out strategies on how to deal with the everyday tension of work jobs, domesticity, and so on. Furthermore, yoga exercise can help you lower and keep your high blood pressure under control, perfect your posture, enhance your basic health, and live a much happier life.
Practicing yoga, like whatever else needs a specific amount of time and preparation. You need to find an excellent place, trainer, the finest variation, and so on. Thinking about all these things makes you sort of losing the desire, to begin practicing, even if the principle seems truly appealing.
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It is important to understand that it does not need to be such a drag and that you can practice yoga in the comfort of your house. You are questioning how? Well, it’s uncomplicated there is a substantial collection of best yoga DVDs that you can purchase, play, and begin enjoying a journey with your favorite instructor. However how to select the very best?
That is an excellent concern, specifically, if you are new to yoga, or brand-new to practicing it in your home. We are here to offer you a helping hand. We created this evaluation of some best yoga DVDs to assist you out with choosing the very best yoga DVD 2020 that will relieve your entryway into the world of this practice. Let’s dive in together into a much better quality of life.

Searching for The Best Yoga DVD For Flexibility and Toning?

Here’s a take a look at our favorites, including our leading pick– the Yoga for Beginners.

# 1 Best Yoga DVD For Flexibility and Toning

Yoga is a special type of workout that’s designed to extend your body for maximum flexibility and fluidity while also enhancing your core and toning your muscles. When done correctly, yoga can likewise be incredibly calming and peaceful, so it’s a fantastic way to strengthen your body, mind, and soul.

What to try to find in a yoga DVD for flexibility and toning.
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If you’re not too thrilled about signing up for those costly yoga sessions at the fitness center around the corner, don’t worry– you can do yoga in the comfort of your own home with the help of DVD-based routines. Before we delve into the top 5 yoga DVDs for versatility and toning, here are a few ideas on what to search for in a good instructional DVD:

  • Routine size– some DVDs just provide full-length classes that run anywhere from 45– 80 mins, while others use brief mini-routines that you can press into a busy schedule. If you’re normally a busy person, try to find a DVD that has a couple of quick 10– 20-minute yoga regimens in addition to the full-length exercises.
  • Position problem– if you’re new to yoga exercise, you ought to definitely start with routines that are designed for beginners. Biting off more than you can chew with intermediate and innovative yoga exercise sessions is a sure way to press you far from practicing yoga exercise, as it takes practice, adaptability, and also a strong core to manage a lot more difficult yoga exercise positions.

Yoga for Beginners DVD: 8 Yoga Video Routines for Beginners. Includes Gentle Yoga Workouts to Increase Strength & Flexibility

Yoga exercise for Beginners provides a great intro to yoga exercise as it aids you to discover and also experience the variety of benefits that yoga supplies. The DVD has 8 routines ranging from 10 to 90 mins to aid you construct toughness, raise your versatility, enhance your wellness as well as vigor, and transform the way you look and feel. As an included reward, all of the instructional video clips were shot on the coastline in Half-Moon Bay, Antigua, for a much more serene experience.

All 8 routines are led by renowned yoga exercise teacher Barbara Benagh, who has been educating yoga exercise for over 35 years. She opened up The Yoga Studio on Beacon Hill in Boston in 1980 as well as shows yoga seminars throughout the world along with her neighborhood classes. Barbara is a routine factor in Yoga Journal Magazine and has actually released a number of audio CDs as well as DVDs when it comes to yoga exercise as well as reflection.


  • Includes 8 regimens that are created for novices
  • Regimens range from 10– 90 minutes
  • Shot at Half Moon Cay in Antigua
  • Led by renowned yoga teacher Barbara Benagh
  • Includes a benefits discussion with the Dali Llama about arbitration via yoga exercise

AM/PM Yoga for Beginners

If you are such as to comply with yoga routines by Barbara Benagh, this is an additional excellent DVD to buy. The AM/PM Yoga for Beginners DVD supplies 10 regimens varying from 15 to 60 minutes that are excellent flows to begin and end your day. The AM routines are made to assist get up your body and mind with balanced, energetic, as well as serene circulations.

The PM regimens are designed to help you lose mental and also physical tension and prepare for a deep, loosening up sleep. With the differing routine sizes, there’s constantly time to squeeze in a workout, even if you just have 15 minutes. Like Benagh’s other DVD that we reviewed (Yoga for Beginners), this one was also filmed at Half Moon Bay in Antigua for the best soothing, serene experience.


  • 10 regimens ranging from 15– 60 minutes
  • AM regimens created to wake up your body and mind
  • PM routines to de-stress as well as prepare you for a deep rest

Yoga Stretch for Beginners and Beyond

Yoga Exercise Stretch for Beginners and Beyond is intended to stretch as well as reinforce your body, mind, and also the heart with yoga-inspired stretch regimens. The DVD is excellent for those who are new to yoga exercise and supplies options for progression to relieve into everyday stretching and also yoga exercise. You do not need any kind of previous experience, as well as don’t worry, there will not be any kind of chanting or complex Sanskrit terminology.

The DVD consists of 2 routines to establish a solid foundation of overall body strength, stamina, and versatility– an AM Energizing Flow for early mornings, as well as a PM Relaxing Flow for evenings. Both routines are 30 minutes long. The AM Energizing Flow regular deals an enjoyable means to begin each day and also to enhance your power anytime throughout the day.

The routine focuses on strength and also useful versatility from head to toe with stamina-building positions and also exercises. The PM Relaxing Flow regular aids you unwind after a stressful day as well as stretch-out stress as well as discomfort with calming yoga exercise stances that include a cushion as well as a coastline towel (or yoga exercise strap). This routine is made to delicately assist your body right into much deeper stretches to help boost your range of movement and also total adaptability.


  • Designed to create a solid foundation of total body stamina, stamina, and versatility
  • Consists of 2 yoga-inspired stretch routines for beginners
  • AM Energizing Flow is fantastic for early mornings or fast re-energizing sessions during the day
  • PM Relaxing Flow helps you destress your body after a long day

Gentle Yoga for Balance, Flexibility and Mobility, Relaxation, Stretching for All Levels

This Gentle Yoga DVD has 4 20-minutes yoga routines that can be utilized independently, or in succession for approximately a full 80-minute yoga exercise session (each routine normally flows right into the following). Flow One concentrates on your neck and also shoulders to launch stress and also tension. Circulation Two works on your back and upper body to relax the spine and open your heart for an enhanced position as well as pain relief.

Flow Three concentrates on the hips and also knees to open joints and also totally free your hips with a series of equilibrium as well as mobility activities that function completely down to your ankles and feet. Lastly, Flow Four finishes with a complete body routine for a calming, full-body stretch. While the regimens are simple enough that anybody can do them without any previous experience, they’re efficient enough to be included in any routine exercise program to enhance versatility, flexibility, and also equilibrium.


  • DVD includes 4 20-minute routines for novices
  • Circulation One targets the neck as well as shoulders
  • Circulation Two opens your back and also upper body
  • Circulation Three focuses on the hips as well as knees
  • Flow Four do with a total-body routine

Karen Voight – YogaSculpt

Finally is YogaSculpt by Karen Voight. This DVD is meant to develop versatile toughness by incorporating preferred yoga positions with the most effective of Body Sculpting. The 45-minute routine beginnings with 25 minutes of yoga stances to extend and also sculpt your entire body, followed by 20 minutes of mat-work to create a more powerful core with firm abdominals as well as a healthy and balanced back. Generally, the regimen is an excellent option for both versatility and also toning.


  • Combination of yoga exercise postures as well as Body Sculpting
  • DVD includes one 45-minute routine with two components
  • Part One of the regular includes 25 minutes of yoga exercise stretches
  • Part Two of the routine has 20 minutes of mat-work



Each of the 5 DVDs that we’ve gone over deal-professional routines and also assistance, so the only differentiators here are your personal preferences. If you require short yoga exercise sessions, I would certainly select both DVDs by Barbara Benagh– Yoga for Beginners, and also AM/PM Yoga for Beginners.
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If you’re not in a hurry, after that the Gentle Yoga, as well as Yoga Stretch DVDs, are fantastic alternatives, as well. If you would certainly like a routine that includes mat-work for higher toning, after that you need to most definitely get the YogaSculpt DVD from Karen Voight.

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