Top 5 Best Mini Stair Steppers 2020: Review & Shopping Tips

Top 5 Best Mini Stair Steppers 2020: Review & Shopping Tips

Mini workout machines are ending up being a popular way of staying fit in your home. Especially amongst those who are restricted in terms of area.

This is a classification of fitness devices that consists of a number of different makers, primarily aimed at cardio exercise and injury rehabilitation and management.

Today we’re going to show you our choices for the best mini steppers for a compact exercise.

We’ve found 5 designs that offer excellent bang for your buck and deliver efficiency that will help you maintain the level of fitness you prefer. A few of these are basic designs targeted at spending plan users while others bring a few more bells and whistles to the table. The concept was to discover something for everybody.
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When we go over our choices, we’ll discuss the ins and outs of tiny steppers and what makes them such a solid option. We’ll also analyze which includes you need to look for and what you can anticipate discovering in this classification of workout devices. At the end of the day, you must have a strong concept of what mini steppers are all about and how to discover the very best mini stepper for you.

Best Mini Stepper At a Glance

Best Mini Stepper Overall Best Value Mini Stepper Best Budget Mini Stepper

Commercial Mini

Sunny Health & Fitness
Adjustable Mini Stair

Sunny Health & Fitness Mini Stepper with Resistance Bands

Designed to outperform anything in its class, this mini stepper from Xiser is all about consistent performance over long periods of heavy-duty use. This is the best mini stepper currently available, what you’ll want to have at your side if the quality is your primary concern. Sunny’s mini stair stepper represents great value for money for those not fully willing to commit to more expensive models. It’s an awesome stepper packed with decent hardware that gets the job done and then some. All of that at a price that’s too good to ignore. Sunny’s awesome lineup of models includes a few outliers in terms of both form and function. This mini stepper brings a similar core setup as the previous model, but with one major difference – it features two resistance bands that allow you to do a decent upper body workout.

The Best Mini Steppers

Product picture Product name Advantages
Xiser Commercial Mini Stairmaster
  • Weight Capacity: 400 lbs.
  • Product Weight: 14 lbs.
Sunny Health & Fitness Adjustable Mini Stair Stepper
  • Weight Capacity: 220 lbs.
  • Product Weight: 14.7 lbs.
Sunny Health & Fitness Mini Stepper with Resistance Bands
  • Weight Capacity: 220 lbs.
  • Product Weight: 14.5 lbs.
GoPlus Mini Stepper Air Climber
  • Weight Capacity: 220 lbs.
  • Product Weight: 16 lbs.
BEOUZO Fitness Stair Stepper
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Product Weight: 22.6 lbs.

1. Xiser Commercial Mini Stairmaster

The pole position on our list comes from Xiser and their Commercial Mini Stairmaster. This is an extremely polished maker which doesn’t only refer to its glossy surface.

Xiser has actually spared no costs in making this stepper essentially indestructible as well as every bit as reliable. If the cast aircraft grade alloy chassis didn’t tell you that a lot, heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders most likely did. The result of such top-notch products is a stepper that evaluates around 14lbs as well as can quickly be taken on a trip.

The general design they’ve used is 100% practical. There are no unnecessary devices or parts to eliminate from its streamlined format. Xiser also such as to state that this version was developed by experts and attributes accurate biomechanical functional designs.

Simply put, it is the optimal selection for constant, hefty usage. If you’re into HIIT, you’ll enjoy this version.

Pros & Cons

  • Extremely mobile stepper that is amongst the lightest and also most portable in its course
  • Features excellent quality, aircraft-grade alloys that make certain durability on all fronts
  • Attributes two patented hydraulic cylindrical tubes that offer smooth and reputable operation
  • Offers biomechanically precise comfort designs
  • Absolutely not a design for budget-conscious customers

2. Sunny Health and Fitness Adjustable Twist Stepper

Speaking of spending plan users, our following pick was designed with them in mind.

Made by Sunny Health & Fitness, this tiny stepper is a correct bang for the buck champion that almost everybody can manage. Nevertheless, that doesn’t suggest that it’s doing not have in either efficiency or top quality.

As expected from Sunny, they have actually located the ideal balance of quality as well as efficiency that they might offer at such attractive prices.

Calling this stepper compact would certainly be an understatement. Bright went for it in building a package that can fit in a knapsack. The system they went with uses 2 hydraulic cylinders mounted beneath the footpads.

With flexible height, a built-in digital monitor, and also a super-compact frame, this tiny stepper is by far among the best mini choices on the market right now. The only facet of design where Sunny dropped the ball a little is the limited choice of shades.

Pros & Cons

  • One of the most portable designs that you can bring with you anywhere
  • Attributes hydraulic cylindrical tubes with an adjustable series of movement
  • It is one of the most budget-friendly options available currently
  • Brings excellent construct top quality at an excellent rate
  • Sunny’s option of shades can have been extra inclusive
  • It isn’t developed for heavy-duty usage

3. Sunny Health & Fitness Mini Stepper with Resistance Bands

Warm health and wellness are available in at number 3 with a great budget plan mini stepper

Next up we have another Sunny Health & Fitness alternative for you to look into. This time around they have actually spiced points up by adding a resistance band component to the layout.

While this model is similar to the one we’ve simply reviewed, there are still a number of differences. For starters, this is extra small. The only issue here is that the smaller framework suggests shorter traveling of the footpads, which reduces the functional range of activity and also has effects for the level to which your leg muscle mass is triggered.

This mini stepper compensates by introducing resistance bands right into the mix. Therefore, you’re obtaining a full-body exercise where various other versions only function your legs.

As for developing quality goes, this is a relatively solid device. Being one of the most inexpensive steppers on the market does imply that Sunny needed to cut a few corners here or there. Among those would certainly be little footpads. Nevertheless, you do obtain an integrated display.

Pros & Cons

  • Extremely affordable design that is excellent for novices or spending plan individuals
  • Includes integrated features usually discovered only on much more pricey versions
  • Features resistance bands that introduce a top body exercise into the mix
  • Minimal length of footpad traveling could be a problem for some
  • Small footpads are not excellent for users with bigger feet

4. Goplus Mini Stepper Air Climber Step Fitness

GoPlus’ small stepper is an additional wonderful option for those looking in the mid-range area

GoPlus is one more great brand name that uses effective health and fitness equipment focused on spending plan customers. Their Air Climber mini stepper matches that reputation to a mistake. As you can see from the product images this is another design that includes resistance bands.

There is no better method to specify value than to have a top and lower body exerciser in such a compact machine. An additional thing you’ll observe is that this stepper makes use of a design that is extremely similar to the one utilized by Sunny.

There are minor differences, but the design is virtually the very same. That’s a good thing. It’s a proven setup that is recognized to be trusted. Include in that GoPlus’ option of products and equipment components, and also you have yourself an instead dependable workhorse stepper that can be had for a small amount of money.

The only point to look out for is the rings where you install the resistance wires. They aren’t all that thick, so you would certainly require to go easy on the top body.

Pros & Cons

  • Straightforward design that has been shown a lot of times
  • Economical design that brings excellent attributes
  • Used quality tubing and long-lasting materials
  • Resistance band installing rings ought to be beefier
  • Might call for some lubrication before usage

5. BEOUZO Fitness Stair Stepper

Beouzo have a funny name but a great looking, top quality mini stepper

The last place on our checklist comes from BEOUZO’s fitness stairway stepper. This is a robust little tool that isn’t really suggested to be portable as much as it was designed to be sturdy.

The firm behind this device used the same proven design we’ve seen on the previous two-steppers above however beefed it up substantially. Because of this, we have a lot more steady, sturdy as well as reputable arrangements that appropriate for heavy as well as constant use.

Regarding functions go, you are looking at the usual bundle. This version includes an integrated screen unit that tracks your progress in numerous means. Footpads can be found in the form of non-slip, vast PVC systems that constantly make sure proper hold.

Flexible hydraulic resistance adds a whole brand-new measurement to this stepper as you can pick just how difficult your workout is going to be. It is worth mentioning that BEOUZO uses a few of the best hydraulic cylinders in its class.

Pros & Cons

  • An all-around wonderful stepper ideal for heavy usage
  • Functions a sophisticated version of the standard format
  • Made out of high-quality products as well as quality components
  • Might require some lubrication right out of the package
  • It’s at the ceilings of the budget-friendly segment

What are the Different Kinds of Mini Steppers?

There are 2 different kinds, the common mini stepper which makes use of a straight up and down activity, and the spin mini stepper which twists out to the side slightly on the down activity in order to utilize more of your glutes.
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Both can produce an awesome workout yet if your knees aren’t shipped shape you might intend to hand down the turning choices as the turning activity will likely make points worse.

Mini Stepper vs Regular Stepper Machine

So what’s the distinction between a small stepper as well as a normal stepper device?

The main distinction between regular stepper makers as well as mini steppers is the size as well as the presence of handles.

Normal step machines are much bigger and also usually have a midsection elevation console before you are comparable to a treadmill.
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They also have takes care of and also might consist of features such as integrated workouts with varying resistance, exercise stats, and also home entertainment features.

However, they are also far more costly, are not easily mobile, and take up space in your house or garage.

Mini steppers, on the other hand, permit you to obtain similar benefits for a much smaller sized cost and also in a smaller sized bundle also.

Mini steppers are the perfect size for a home health club, taking up minimal room and being really simple to move.

Is it Worth Adding a Mini Stepper to My Home Gym?

It relies on what your objectives are.

A mini stepper won’t add muscle or add significantly to shaping on its own. It needs to be made use of with a combination of other resistance exercises to attain any significant muscular improvements.
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However, a small stepper is a superb way of integrating low-impact cardio as well as muscle toning into your workout program while exercising a series of muscles in your legs and core.

When set on high resistance, a tiny stepper can produce an intense leg workout!

When integrated with resistance bands, your top body can likewise get in on the action.

If you do not have any other cardio devices in your home health club established, the mini stepper could be a wonderful addition because of its small, hassle-free dimension, extremely low price point, and also low influence.

Should You Get a Mini Stepper?

Small exercisers are an excellent means to maintain your own self relocating in the home. Having said that, certainly not every one of them is actually made equal. Some individuals choose the tremendously low-impact attribute of the mini stationary bicycles while others prefer to go with ellipticals. For even more facts, browse through our manual to the most effective mini ellipticals on the marketplace. Eventually, there are actually those that want something that is one action much higher in this particular hierarchy – one thing even more daunting.
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This is actually where miniature steppers enter the crease. This equipment replicates climbing up stairways and also may provide you a demanding workout session. Most importantly, they are actually possibly the best small mini exerciser of the whole entire lot.

Whether you need to get a tiny stepper refers to preference and also inclination. If you’re managing restricted room at home yet you really want one thing that will certainly enable you to keep active, small exercisers are a wonderful way to go. Mini steppers are actually the only possibility that may quickly help with a HIIT workout relying on the model you select.

In that respect, they have a very little bit of competition. Another factor that does work in their benefit is actually the costs. Certain, there are actually top-tier, pricey steppers on the market, however the entry-level to mid-range products are actually very inexpensive. That is certainly something to always keep strongly in mind when creating your final decision.

Picking the Right Mini Stepper For You
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Now you need to know whether mini steppers are the most ideal exercise machine for you. If the response to that concern is ‘yes’, we can easily move on to determining exactly how to discover the ideal one for you. Even with being relatively simple in attribute, there are still a couple of aspects to think about when looking for a suitable model. Our company has laid them out you for simplicity.

Size as well as Weight

Mini steppers are a great selection for types of equipment that you can take along with you on the move. Actually, they are perhaps one of the most compact health and fitness devices out there. With everything stated, not each one of all of them is actually developed equivalent hereof.

There are steppers that are actually taken into consideration big, those that are actually looked at the automobile as well as nearly everything in between.
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Finding the appropriate size as well as bodyweight will come down to what you count on to receive from your mini stepper? If you are actually seeking something to travel along with, you may wish to explore the lighter, more portable designs.

Alternatively, if you simply prefer a sound maker to utilize in the house, a bigger, much more sturdy version could possibly prove to become the appropriate choice.


Although steppers are actually customarily indicated to work your lower physical body, there are actually alternatives on the market that will definitely engage your upper body also. This is done using cords. Normally, there is only so much one may do with these.

Although they won’t substitute dumbbells or even a bench push station, they will definitely keep your center as well as the upper body system involved. These steppers head to show that there is actually a great deal additional to these devices than what fulfills the eye.
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Whether protection is flexible?

This is a fairly crucial part of selecting the very best mini stepper, yet strangely good enough, few mini steppers actually have changeable protection. You can easily readjust exactly how hard you function by altering your type but it still might be a little bit of luck of the draw concerning whether you receive the right amount of resistance for your needs if you obtain equipment without correction alternatives.

Take note that heavier individuals will locate more challenging protection degrees much more easily than lighter individuals as your physical body weight assists to press the pedals down!

Movement of the pedals

Do you desire to get some twisting action in there or will you instead follow the simple up-down activity? Additionally, do you want your shoes to remain standard, pattern a little, or your heel to fall each time you dispirit the pedal? These are very important inquiries as well as you’ll like to try the various alternatives to decide what you just like.

Step elevation

The elevation of the act establishes the series of activity of your leg and also as a result the stability of muscle mass you make use of. The greater the action height the tougher the exercise. Some mini steppers that don’t possess adjustable protection carry out possess changeable step height which is an excellent trade-off.

Weight limit

The even more expensive mini steppers can easily deal with a substantial volume of weight, yet the more budget plan possibilities float around the 220 pounds denote so you’ll want to make sure you get a mini stepper that benefits your body system weight.

The introduction of protection bands

This is a lot more a benefit element than a deal breaker as you can add in your own resistance bands quickly good enough. However, if you do not have any sort of, it’s a pleasant enhancement to the maker as it converts it coming from a reduced body system workout session to an entire body system workout.


This could be a deal-breaker. Basically, you prefer the maker along with the lengthiest guarantee feasible as this is actually a relative crystal clear indicator of the quality.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mini Steppers

Finding out what to search for in a small stepper is a large aspect of the equation. However, there are still some questions out there that our experts have not as yet covered. The following section will certainly include the best frequently asked questions about mini steppers and their respective responses.
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Can a Mini Stepper Help along with Weight Loss?

Mini steppers can aid with weight management in the feeling that they are actually pushing your body system to get rid of calories. The workout you are actually carrying out while using these gadgets isn’t a lightweight one. The genuine inquiry is actually regardless if small steppers are visiting suffice to reduce weight?

This is where mini steppers are right there along with just about any sort of piece of physical fitness gear. No volume of cardio will certainly help you drop significant amounts of bodyweight unless various other aspects of the formula are dealt with too. Those various other parts of the formula generally concentrate on nourishment. Appropriate health and nutrition along with a concrete calorie deficiency are actually essential.

Can you use a tiny stepper taking a seat?

Mini steppers, unlike mini ellipticals and other comparable layouts, may not be efficient in being used while sitting down. Their layout prevents such make use of. Attempting to utilize a tiny stepper while sitting will offer the consumer along with as well steep of a look for the footpads.
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Even though you were actually in some way to bypass this concern, you would certainly still manage the truth that steppers need the down pressure that complies with a vertical trajectory. Due to the only thing that, you are much better off along with something that was designed to be used while sitting – something like a great pedal exerciser.

What muscles perform small steppers’ work?

All stepper makers are designed to imitate actual stair-climbing, which has actually been revealed to turn on a significant range of muscles in the reduced back and lower legs. While mini steppers don’t flawlessly imitate the real mountaineering of staircases, they carry out still turn on that very same wide range of muscles.

Making use of a tiny stepper is going to assist to create the erector spinae (muscles in the lower spine that aid to assist and also stabilize the spine), glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, and also major muscle mass of the reduced leg (e.g., calf bone muscle mass and also tibialis anterior).

Basically, your whole entire reduced body will definitely be working overtime if you go hard good enough during your mini stepper exercise. Without a doubt, steppers have been presented to be extremely efficient in developing the strength as well as the harmony of the potential of the reduced body.
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In this regard mini steppers provide a much more threatening physical exercise than the remainder of the miniature workout tools family. The compromise is actually that mini steppers may not be as low-impact as some other options within this category (e.g., mini ellipticals).

As regularly, it is actually vital to realize what works for you and also your specific goals. Additionally, you’ve reached to be reasonable with your needs. If you’re recouping coming from a severely reduced body trauma, a mini stepper may certainly not be the superior choice for you. If you want to construct more powerful lower legs, it most certainly is actually.


Perhaps, this write-up has prepared you up with all the required expertise to pick your absolute best mini stepper for your house workout sessions.

Remember that everyone’s various so you’ll need to be crystal clear on your inclinations before you commit. It’s very advised to try some various designs first prior to acquiring.
If you’re fascinated by one thing slightly various, look at our short article on the most ideal maxi mountain climber machines.

Make certain to comment listed below if you’ve made an effort any one of the miniature steppers reviewed above as well as don’t fail to remember to sign up if you have not presently!
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Well, there you possess it: Top 5 Best Mini Stair Steppers 2020: Review & Shopping Tips

By the time you’re reading this segment of our quick guide, you must possess all the needed information pertaining to mini steppers. Our company attempted to become as succinct as possible if you want to create this an easy, easy-to-follow resource, nevertheless, there was still a ton of information to deal with. The designs we have actually picked perform this list for a great main reason. They are all exciting in their own way. You’ll locate costly flagships, budget-friendly entry-level versions, and everything in-between! All you need to carry out is pick the one that works with you.

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