Top 3 The Best Yoga Mats for Men: Review & Buying Guide

Top 3 The Best Yoga Mats for Men: Review & Buying Guide

The simple yoga mat, it’s the one piece of equipment you truly need to practice yoga– so you wish to ensure you get the right one for you.

However, how do you choose which one?
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We are available in all different shapes and sizes, and as men, we face our own special challenges on the mat. We’re frequently a whole lot larger, heavier, and sweatier than the average yogini, however, equipped with the right mat, we can conquer any concern.

At 5, 8′ tall, I can’t state I’ve ever had the issue of outgrowing any of my mats for many years. But as I’ve practiced worldwide, I’ve attempted my fair share of mats, and they’re not developed equivalent.

That’s why I’ve put together this rock-solid list of mats for men of all sizes.

What Makes a Mat Good for Men?

Увеличить нужный размер | Бесплатно значок
If you’re bigger, taller or you simply want that extra room to spread your limbs, you’ll want a mat with more generous dimensions than the standard.

Рука показывает ладони наброски | Бесплатно значокGrip
The grip is super crucial for anyone seeking to practice hot yoga. Plus, if you’re a high-octane sweater, you’ll require a sticky mat for everyday practice.

Символ бесконечности — ВикипедияDurability
You’re going to wear through that mat a lot faster if you’re a 300lb person vs a 120lb yogini. So you’re going to desire a mat that can manage regular usage.

The Manduka Pro is the Beyonce of the yoga mat world. It’s luxuriously soft, perfectly made and it’s remained in business for a very long time.

Manduka is so positive with this thing, they offer a lifetime warranty.

That’s right, you could be down-dogging on a Manduka mat till you’re old and grey, and you’ll only pay as soon as. So you can be certain this mat is built to last!

One thing the Manduka has in spades– is cushioning. At 6mm thick, this mat is luxuriously soft underfoot. For the older or much heavier gentleman, who’s most likely to feel that tough flooring through his knees, this mat is a solid option. Your joints will thank you!

It’s larger than your average mat too, ensuring those knees are still on the mat, even in a wide-legged child’s posture.

The Manduka Pro chooses an ultra-dense PVC product instead of natural rubber or polyurethane. This provides it an entirely different texture, closer to a fabric. I discovered it comfortable to the touch, but it hasn’t quite got the gripping power of its tackier competitors. Though it’s common to hear about “breaking in” a Manduka mat, so provided a long time, the surface area might enhance.


√  Superior cushioning and comfort.
√  Lifetime guarantee.
√  Environmentally friendly build and products.

×  This thing is developed like a tank, it’s heavy.
×  There are mats better matched to hot yoga.

This is the full bells-and-whistles option and I love it.

It’s the mat of option for yoga instructors all over the world, but it’s similarly matched for newbies.

The smart, minimalist geometric design with useful positioning markers keep you centered and in alignment. It’s a good touch, and an excellent way to pin down the accuracy of your poses. Perfect for keeping that pesky back foot at the ideal angle in Warrior positions.

With generous dimensions (185cm long x 68cm broad) it’s bigger and broader than the majority of other mats. It can accommodate guys of all sizes, so there ought to be no limbs poking off this one.

At 4.2 mm thick, it strikes the sweet spot of well-cushioned, without being large. Making it excellent for energetic practices by giving you simply enough cushioning before it begins to affect stability in standing poses.

Made from a natural rubber base and polyurethane surface area, it combines the very best of environmentally friendly and high-performance products.

This thing grips like a champion in the damp and the dry. If hot yoga is your jam, this is your mat.

√  Smart, minimalist design.
√  Practical alignment system.
√  Generous measurements.
√  Strong grip in the wet and the dry.
√  Eco-friendly.
√  Perfectly cushioned.

×  It’s definitely not low-cost.

If you like the look of the Liforme, however, you’re (not surprisingly) not ready to drop that sort of dollar on a yoga mat, the Heathyoga Mat is a terrific spending plan option.

At 6mm thick, with a double layer construction– it’s a type of like the Manduka Pro and the Liforme Mat had a baby.

It has its own alignment system, generous measurements (just somewhat smaller sized than the Liforme), and a textured surface for additional grip.

For those dipping their toes in the world of yoga, this mat is a great start. Though I wouldn’t anticipate it to hold up in addition to the others, you might end up updating down the line anyway.

√  Great Value.
√  Useful positioning system.
√  Generous dimensions.
√  Excellent cushioning.
√  Comes with bringing strap.

×  Most likely not as durable as the others.
×  The textured grip isn’t for everybody.

There you have it.

If you’re more my size, you may not think you need the bigger mat dimensions, better cushioning and very grippy surface, but they’re so nice to have anyway!

There are lots of other terrific mats out there, however, these are my outright favorites.

Exactly how to Choose a Men’s Yoga Mat
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When it comes time to select a yoga exercise mat you may be asking on your own, what’s the distinction? Well, there is no one-size-fits-all yoga exercise mat as well as there are as numerous variants of mats as there are presents in yoga. There are a couple of things to take into consideration prior to making your final purchase though …


The density of your mat controls two variables of your experience:

– The cushioning for your joints
– The grip

As far as the padding of your joints goes, the thicker the mat a lot more supporting you will have. If you’re someone that has delicate joints, then you desire a mat that’s at the very least 6 mm thick. There are yoga mats that are 1/2 inch to 3/4 of an inch which can be helpful for the joint assistance. Nevertheless, these thick floor coverings tend to extend when you apply rival pressure on them such as in positions like downward pet dogs.
The density of your mat influences the hold due to the fact that thicker floor coverings often tend to sink in a little bit extra which increases your staying power on the floor covering.

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If you’re a person that obtains perspiring hands, then you intend to pay special interest to the hold of your yoga floor covering. Aim for a distinctive surface area rather than a smooth one. You may additionally wish to use a yoga towel in addition to your mat if you find that you have extra perspiring hands as well as feet or have problems remaining on the floor covering. Conversely, you can use a combination yoga floor covering that works for both hot yoga and routine yoga exercise because they have the towel constructed into the mat. Our favorites are the Lifeform and also the Combination yoga exercise mat.

Your Preferred Style of Yoga

The kind of yoga exercise you do one of the most will certainly influence the design of the floor covering you need. Most yoga exercise mats are built for regular non-heated versions of yoga exercise. Nevertheless, if you choose warm yoga, then you want to utilize a floor covering that’s constructed particularly for warm yoga exercise. Our favored hot yoga mat is the Lifeform yoga floor covering which has the integrated towel, remarkable hold, as well as it can take in buckets of sweat.

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Whether you’re simply starting your yoga practice or you’re dedicated to daily yoga, you can not fail with the mats on this list. We’ve researched as well as reviewed loads of yoga floor coverings now as well as these are the most effective yoga floor coverings for guys no matter just how high, brief, skinny, or broad you may be. If we left something off or you have a males yoga floor covering that you like – please allow us to know about it in the remarks listed below!

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