Top 15 Best Yoga Mats On Carpet: Review 2020 & Buyers Guide

Top 15 Best Yoga Mats On Carpet: Review 2020 & Buyers Guide

Looking into a good yoga mat to use at home?

Why You Need Yoga Mats for Carpet?

Usually, Yoga exercises need a larger area to be utilized. The yoga carpets normally are bigger and wider as compared to the yoga mats for the floor. They can be put on the carpet for a trustworthy and comfy yoga session.
yoga mat on carpet

Yoga is an older custom; in the past, individuals did yoga on the floors and difficult products due to which there emerged joint problems and discomfort the bones near curves.

To save oneself from this, they presented yoga mats. They are made of rubber and plastic, making them comfy and dependable to be used on the flooring and tough products. There are likewise yoga mats for carpet, which are thinner as compared to floor mats; they are a lot more substantial and more comprehensive.

Yoga mats were likewise called sticky mats because of their stickiness. They get attached on the carpet so that during yoga the grip and focus are not lost due to slipperiness.

Yoga mats are used for yoga so that the bones on the back and curves are not hurt doing yoga practice. They are used for yoga treatment, which is now the most trending workout. For proper body shaping and linearity, there are yoga mats with the positioning printed on them.

You’ve got carpet floors in the area where you live and may require a couple of pointers on what yoga mat will work best.

You clearly don’t want your yoga mat to move around – since that’s extremely bothersome. And you also do not want it to get bunched up while you’re in the middle of your practice.
And after that, you need to read our evaluation of the Top 15 Best Yoga Mats On Carpet Floors (2020 )

1. Jade Harmony Yoga Mat  

  • Fantastic grip! You won’t slip or slide when you’re holding poses. Remain safe and grounded with this mat.
  • Jade plants a tree for every mat sold! Be a part of something bigger and give back to the earth!
  • High quality means you’ll save money because this is the last yoga mal you’ll have to buy for years. This mat will last you through 1000’s of at-home yoga practices, trips to the beach, the studio, and more!

What’s so great about Jade anyways?

There’s a big list of reasons why Jade yoga mats are constantly at the top of my recommendations. Here are just a few details you must know.

  • They are made from natural products (rubber from rubber trees).
  • They continuously get high rankings from validated buyers.
  • This brand’s eco-friendly footprint is total really low.
  • Lots of my sophisticated yoga teacher friends swear by them.

If you are worried about a Jade mat slipping on your carpet, then stop fretting today. It stays in place from start to finish.

Likewise, have your hands or feet every slipped on TOP of the yoga mat? That can be pretty hazardous and these yoga mats have an excellent top surface area that avoids your hands from sliding (even if they’re wet).

It’s Going To Last You A Long Time.
You’re buying a massive hunk of ecologically friendly rubber. These mats (particularly the Harmony advised above) will last you for a long time.

The only minor, tiny downside about this mat is that after daily usage you’ll begin to discover a tiny bit of fraying around the edges. But that’s only after a year or two of usage and it’s truthfully unimportant general.

2. Jade Travel Yoga Mat

  • Rolls up tiny to aid you to save room!
  • Conserve money with this thinner variation! If the carpeting currently offers enough cushioning after that all you’ll need is something slim such as this to exercise on!
  • Made from natural rubber from rubber trees – no damaging chemicals!

So why is this choice second as well as not top?

The cost of this Jade Travel yoga mat is a bit less than the Harmony mat. And also truly, this could be a much better option for you …

It all comes down to support. If you require a little bit thicker cushion option after that yes, choose the top choice of the Harmony.

Nevertheless, if you discover that you do not care much regarding extra padding due to the fact that carpet already offers sufficient for you then this will certainly be the most effective yoga exercise mat choice.

3. Jade Voyager Yoga Mat

This is in fact a traveling floor covering, however, do not be misled.

This mat is very thin. It’s literally just 1/16th of an inch! It also considers less than 2lbs. You may run the risk of this floor covering bunching up a bit, but I seriously doubt it.

If you have a rug you can put down under this travel floor covering then you need to be excellent.

On the other side, if you have negative knees as well as sitting on the ground for any type of quantity of time causes you to pain after that you’ll intend to avoid this floor covering entirely.

If you desire an extremely thick mat, look into this next pointer.

4. Jade Fusion Extra Thick Yoga Mat

This floor covering is the real offer …

It’s thick – 8mm to be precise. In the world of yoga floor coverings, that’s really thick taking into consideration most various other floor coverings have to do with 5mm thick.


  • If you require padding, this floor covering’s got it …
  • If you need hand and feet grip, this mat’s got it …
  • It won’t number as well as it will not glide.

So why then isn’t number one?

Well, that boils down to one unfortunate fact – the scent.

Sorry to say however all Jade yoga exercise floor coverings will have a small rubber smell to them. Thinner mats like the Travel mat and also the Voyager will scent rather, however that disappears with time.

This mat is a fat hunk of rubber as well as it will certainly for certain scent like one. If you are very conscious of the smell of rubber after that do deny this floor covering.

However, if you can endure it, and also can wait for about 2 weeks while you undergo a couple of cycles of scrubbing it as well as letting it air out then you won’t regret your purchase. Once more, you’ll simply have to wait a while prior to the odor wanes.

What concerning Manduka mats?
yoga on carpet without mat

Manduka mats are fantastic …

Here’s a couple of fast notes concerning the Manduka brand:

  • Strong building and also great warranties
  • Made from rubber from rubber trees
  • Lasts for several years

So why after that, aren’t these at the top of my suggestions?

Once more, it all concerns scent.

Manduka mats really smell more than Jade mats. Likewise, the odor appears to last much longer also. As a result, if you are very sensitive to the smell of rubber you’ll intend to skip these floor coverings entirely.

If you do not mind the odor for a while after that keep analysis. Nonetheless, if you are unfavorable to any kind of rubber or small chemical scent after that you’ll wish to skip this Manduka section altogether and decrease to the area of the rewarding state.

5. Manduka Pro Yoga Mat

  • It’s thick! 6mm of cushioning is perfect for people with thinner carpet floors.
  • Long-lasting! Get this ONE yoga floor covering as well as never spend cash on another yoga mat for many years to find.
  • Hefty! At 7.5 pounds this floor covering won’t glide around or bunch up around your feet when relocating from position to pose!

There’s a factor this is their flagship yoga exercise mat …

It’s solid. It lasts forever and also the cushioning is ideal – 6mm.

The leading layer is really a tiny bit slippery initially, however after you do a basic salt scrub this helps to damage things in as well as set the rubber just how it needs to be. After that, it will certainly have some good traction.

In my humble point of view, doing the salt scrub (as suggested by Manduka) is actually kinda fun. It’s like seasoning an actor’s iron frying pan. In a way, it brings you closer to your floor covering.

Considering yoga exercise can be an extremely personal thing, I appreciate the partnership between me and my yoga exercise floor covering. Since might sound insane, however, all of us have our preferred things … A favorite set of types of denim, favorite coffee mug, as well as much more.

As soon as you damage this floor covering in a bit, and show it some love, you’ll love it.

6. Manduka ProLite Mat

It’s nearly depressing …

This yoga floor covering would get the top ranking on this evaluation if it were except one glaring defect …

It’s made of PVC.

Chemically, PVC has all sorts of poor points in it. To Manduka’s debt nonetheless, they state that their mats are still made with the finest eco-friendly requirements.

I’ll give them some credit report on this since German environmental criteria are some of the very best worldwide. The fact stays is that PVC is not eco-friendly as well as this floor covering will sit in a landfill for a few 1000 years before ever breaking down.

If you can look past the PVC part after that this floor covering is in fact really, truly good. It’s a wonderful yoga exercise mat for use on the carpeting and it will last you a very long time.

7. Manduka EKO Mat

This is the somewhat more affordable choice from this firm.

The eKO floor covering will have a rubber smell, yet not too bad. At 5mm it’s the ideal width so it will not bunch up on your flooring.

You’ll have to period it just a little bit to obtain things broken in, yet nowhere near as long as the Pro version.

8. Manduka eKO Lite Mat

This yoga floor covering is additionally really excellent. It might slip a tiny bit on carpeting, however, unless you’re doing some wild, crazy vinyasa relocations then you shouldn’t have to stress over that.

It’s a little bit much less thick than the standard eKO. This elite is just 4mm, yet that’s still really great.

It will feel great as your practicing as well as the rubber scent should go away pretty rapidly.

Liforme Mats
best yoga mat for carpet

Simply a fast tip …

You desire a floor covering that will not bunch up. You want one that will not enable you to slide. Likewise, you desire a mat that won’t slide itself on your carpet.

Liforme yoga exercise floor coverings struck every one of these marks. They are actually, really great floor coverings.

The only actual concern is just how much padding do you desire, and just how much do you want to pay?

9. Liforme Original Yoga Mat

  • Amazing hold! Feel based and secure standing on this floor covering with a concern of slipping or losing balance.
  • Positioning lines maintain you where you need to be. No more guess-work in your placement.
  • Just over 6 feet long as well as 2 feet broad! Fail to remember being annoyed at having to reposition in positions, you’ll have plenty of space!

You’ll really feel the link right now with this …

Of all the suggestions on this listing, Liforme supplies the best traction – pass on (word play here intended).

Say goodbye to slipping in Downward Facing Dog. Furthermore, you can transition from present to posture easily since while it does supply a superb grasp, the mat also permits you to move as well as glide a little bit without the floor covering bunching up.

It is made from rubber, however, that smell vanishes pretty swiftly. It’s got a thickness of 4.5 mm which is rather conventional.

Side Note: If you take this mat into a hot yoga class you’ll fall in love with it. It grasps when you’re sweating is the best. A lot to ensure that you don’t even require a towel to avoid you from slipping.

10. Liforme Travel Yoga Mat

Yes, it’s an additional slim yoga mat, but the grasp is wonderful.

If you are doing yoga exercise in the house then think about just putting an extra rug beneath as well as you’ll be simply fine.

I know lots of people who utilize their old junky yoga floor covering as padding, yet then put this travel mat on top of their old floor covering, and also it works wonders.

Various Other Mats Worth A Look

11. PIDO TPE Mat

  • Plenty of cushion for those that require it. At 6mm you might find yourself not grabbing additional cushioning as much.
  • Fantastic floor covering for beginners. The entry-level rate for those who won’t be doing yoga 5 times a week.
  • Environmentally safe products as well as eco-friendly. Not just is it green, you’ll enjoy the grip it provides as well!

This floor covering is a wonderful floor covering to make use of on your carpeting.

It’s an excellent rate and also has a truly good top finishing that will certainly assist to prevent you from sliding.

Just so you recognize:

TPE means Thermoplastic Elastomers. This is a mix of plastics and rubber and is generally proclaimed as an eco-safe alternative.

I will not get into the information below, but I just know that TPE yoga exercise floor coverings are not quite comparable to rubber floor coverings when it comes to the setting.

TPE mats are much better to utilize than PVC floor coverings. PVC mats are the affordable ones you discover at TJ Maxx and the dollar shop. PVC mats have dangerous chemicals, don’t breakdown in a garbage dump, and generally should be stayed clear of if you can.

Regarding the PIDO TPE yoga exercise mat goes, it does NOT use PVC as well as is the best TPE yoga mat I’ve come across.

12. PLUS Yoga Mat – Classic.

Like many TPE yoga mats, they are a little bit stronger than cheap yoga exercise mats you locate almost everywhere.

This suggests there’s much less of a chance for you to have your mat stuck to your foot, thus causing it to bunch up when you change from present to posture.

The top is truly grippy as well. It’s not quite like the PIDO I’m suggesting over, but it’s still helpful for usage on carpet or even hardwood floors.

13.TOPLUS Travel Yoga Mat

Below’s an excellent traveling choice.

You thought it, it’s thin.

It’s not quite as slim as other travel floor coverings, nonetheless. It’s 3mm vs various other travel yoga floor coverings that are 2 or perhaps 1.5 mm … Now that may not feel like as well large of a distinction, yet believe me on this. It might indicate the distinction in between bruised elbow joints as well as knees or otherwise.

It’s a bit oxymoronic, but if you want a thick, thin mat … Then check this out.

14. Gruper TPE Yoga Mat Pro.

This is an interesting option …

The top is in fact constructed from suede. Now, I would not suggest taking this right into a warm yoga course, however, in the house on your rug, it should be just fine.

It’s a bit unsafe, but not excessive. I’m including it right here since some individuals might such as the feel of suede on their body. If you are an incredible novice after that this floor covering may deserve a look.

It’s additionally rather thick too. 6mm so it will certainly have a great amount of cushion.

If you are advanced after that you’ll want to avoid this one.

15. YogaAccessories 1/4″ Thick High Density Yoga Mat

Best choice for those who aren’t sure if yoga will certainly come to be a hobby or not. Economical as well as you can donate it to another person if you don’t such as yoga exercise.
Uses great grip and also will not slide about on the rug.
Good mat to attack, require to the coastline, outdoor camping, or use for a little additional padding when dealing with the vehicle exterior.

Yes, this is a PVC yoga exercise mat.

If you have to choose a PVC mat (bear in mind the material that’s NOT so great for the setting) then right here’s my begrudging referral.

This floor covering has great deals of excellent reviews and also it seems to stand up well in numerous scenarios. It won’t slide excessive on your carpeting in your home and also it would certainly additionally be good on more challenging surface areas.

This mat is wonderful if you are a newbie and unsure if you want to make yoga a life-long habit.

If you do yoga more than 2 times a week then prevent this floor covering. However, if you wish to have a good mat that will last you a year or more when you most likely to your once a week yoga class after that this is an excellent choice.

Yoga Exercise Mats For Carpet; Buyers Guide.
yoga mat for carpet

Lots of variables are to be noticed while purchasing a Yoga mat for carpet. They are not expected to assume as compared to typical yoga exercise floor coverings due to their use on carpeting.
Carpets have their thickness, which contributes to the size of yoga exercise floor covering– providing simplicity in yoga exercise sessions.


While getting a yoga mat for carpet it is vital to notice the structure of the mat. The appearance of the mat is its outer building and construction, which adds to the product-built high quality.
The texture of the meat needs to be soft and grippy sufficient for the user to make use of the mat on carpeting. Because of the softness and also slipperiness of rugs, the structure can hold onto it if it is the ideal one.
Yoga mats for rugs often tend to be permanently placed at a place as a result of which the appearance has to be easy to tidy while being filthy and also -water-resistant.
The structure of a floor covering additionally offers balance to the floor covering as a result of its patterns. So, it is important to try to find the texture that proves to be useful.

Forming and also Design of Yoga Mat.

The form as well as the layout of the yoga mat likewise hold importance somewhat. The kind of yoga exercise mat needs to be balanced and light-weight for it to fit perfectly on the rug.
The style of the Yoga mat is exceptional because of its use on carpet. Individuals utilize the mat permanently put on carpeting. The floor covering requires to look great with the carpet style.
So, choose a floor covering that has both the form as well as style that suits the furnishings and carpet.


The product of a Yoga floor covering needs to be lightweight and also durable because of its prompt use. PVC is a product that fits perfectly on the Yoga floor coverings for carpets.
The materials themselves have their dampness, which gives grip. There is additionally a light-weight consider PVC while preserving high-quality factors.
Aside from that, you can undoubtedly opt for natural rubber or cotton, yet they will not look fantastic with the rug materials as well as styles.

Hold and also Product.
hard yoga mat for carpet

The grip is necessary for Yoga mats that are typically used on the flooring, however, when it comes to rugs, the grip is naturally given by the structure of the floor covering. Besides that, it is necessary to -buying a yoga floor covering for the carpet, which has a good grasp on the carpet.
One can not just quarrel over the fact that antitoxic as well as anti-allergic elements are a have to in buying yoga mats. Almost all people often tend to be allergic to products used in yoga floor coverings.
When utilized along with the carpetings, it adds to the allergic reaction troubles. Some mats are antitoxic as well as anti-allergic. Constantly go with these.

We will certainly like it if you like anything about our choice and find it useful.

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