Top 10 The Best Yoga Blocks: Review & Tips

Top 10 The Best Yoga Blocks: Review & Tips

What Are Yoga Blocks

Yoga blocks are most likely the most necessary yoga props utilized to help with or include challenges to the postures, assist with positioning, and release stress. They are made from a tough material such as foam, cork, wood, or bamboo and are typically shaped as rectangular bricks.
That stated, yoga blocks nowadays been available in all shapes and sizes and can take the type of an egg, cube, or even half-moon.
Yoga blocks became popular after the 1970s when BKS Iyengar (creator of Iyengar yoga design) integrated props such as blocks, straps, blankets into the yoga class. The primary function of Iyengar was to make asanas more accessible to trainees of various ages and to help them carry out postures properly while decreasing injury.

The very best yoga blocks are the ones that support you and make you feel comfortable no matter what present you remain in. Discovering the right blocks for your at-home or in-class yoga class can take time. There are many types to select from.

You can pick foam or cork blocks and try to find ones that will resist wetness, so you don’t need to stress over germs or germs developing. A beveled edge design is basic for the majority of types of yoga blocks to assist you to grip them, however, the size of the bevel you need depends upon how large of an area you require to grip or recline. Make certain you are comfortable with the texture and weight after you buy the block. The wrong size or feel can make your practice uncomfortable. They likewise can make you ill if you dislike specific ingredients that can be found in some kinds of low-cost blocks.

Prior to you make your yoga block purchase, do your research about the various types available. You can ask your trainers if they have any recommendations. Investigating yoga block types will assist you to find the ones that will work for you, in the cost range you need, for the long-lasting.

And while we’ve blogged about great deals of yoga tools– including the very best nonslip yoga mats, the best yoga towels for hot yoga, and yoga DVDs for beginners– here, we’ve supplied you evaluations of the best yoga blocks on the marketplace and list the advantages and disadvantages of each of these items. Take a look at the descriptions listed below to assist you to get going in choosing the best yoga blocks.

What are the most effective Yoga Blocks?

Prior to you acquire any type of yoga blocks, ensure you understand what blocks will certainly benefit your class or your house setting. You want the blocks you choose to give you the assistance you require and are the appropriate size for your activities.

Below are the top-ranked yoga blocks for the newbie to the professional:

1. Gaiam Essentials Yoga Brick

The Gaiam Essentials Yoga exercise Brick is available in three different colors, black, navy blue, as well as purple and is EVA Foam. The gauge 9 ″ X 6 ″ X 3 ″ and are the perfect device for Yoga, Pilates, Stretching, and also Arbitration. They are slightly smaller sized than the regular yoga block, which makes it easy to use for smaller hands.

The bricks are durable lightweight foam that does not warp while you use them or gradually. They additionally do not deteriorate as the year’s pass. The layout as well as longevity of the block make it best for propping your feet on, holding in your hands, or relax your head on throughout reflection.

The sides of the brick have a beveled design, that makes them simple to grasp. The block can assist you to expand your positions while your posture as well as improves your balance as well as get to during technique.

The Eva foam is easy to wipe tidy when you are through with class. They are an excellent device for your in-person or on the internet lesson.


  • You can stand, rest, remainder, as well as hold the blocks conveniently.
  • Lightweight, so you will certainly have no trouble using or carrying them through your tasks.
  • Long-lasting EVA foam.


  • For some exercises, the block could be much more encouraging.
  • The brick may be as well tiny for some individuals.

2. Hello Fit– 4 ″ Yoga Block

The Hello Fit– 4 ″ Yoga Block can be found in five various colors to pick from. They are Eco-friendly Eva foam that can aid you to balance, stretch, and grab your goals. The block has added support for your workout, which is excellent for newbies, pregnancy yoga exercise, or people who need added assistance.

The company block surface area and also thickness assist you to grow your bends and also increase your stretches. You can align your position while helping in enhancing your equilibrium as well as adaptability. The blocks are additional thick, so you do not need to bother with them becoming mushy throughout the course or gradually.

The block is durable and also light-weight with a scratch-proof external coating to aid it to remain in beautiful problems. With a thickness rating of thirty-one coast C, you can stand, lean, rest, as well as recline on the block without it shedding its form. The block has beveled sides so you can conveniently hold them and also stack them without dropping or distressing them.


  • You can grow and elongate your stretches utilizing a block that will certainly not flex out-of-shape.
  • Environment-friendly, Eva foam.
  • Include a density rating of thirty-one coast C.


  • Not economical.
  • They provide somewhat when you lean on them.

3. BalanceFrom GoYoga Set of 2 High-Density Yoga Blocks

The BalanceFrom GoYoga Set of 2 High-Density Yoga Blocks is available in 7 different fun shades. Each block is a high-density foam that is the average size for yoga blocks. They can aid you strengthen your stretches and excellent your equilibrium without letting you down.

The GoYoga blocks have a slip-resistant surface area to help you grasp the block with your hands or feet. The rounded edges assist you maintain a company grasp on whether you are at the health club, the yoga exercise workshop, or the house.

The product of the foam is anti-microbial, which aids maintain the microorganisms away. When you are not utilizing them, they are easy to clean using soap and water. They are moisture-resistant, so you do not require to worry about them bring germs or remaining wet long after cleaning or use.

The BalanceFrom GoYoga blocks resemble the ones you will certainly discover at your studio or fitness center. They are firm sufficient to make it through for years of workout and also support the weight of practically everybody. Your new blocks will certainly be firm with a little offer so you can recline without feeling like you get on a block of bark.


  • Resist dampness so that no bacteria will certainly establish.
  • They are simple to tidy with soap as well as water.
  • Your new blocks can come in 7 various colors.


  • It could be extra strong for some people.
  • There could be extra shades to choose kind.


4. Fleda Yoga Blocks (Set of 2)

Fledo EVA Foam Yoga Blocks, 9"x6"x4", Set of 2

Made from environmentally friendly and resilient Eva foam, these yoga blocks offer support, comfort, and also balance. They determine 9″ x 6″ x 4″, which is a standard size, and also they come in a choice of colors. They are beveled on the edges to assist avoid slipping and very easy to keep tidy. Easy to preserve and convenient to bring, these are suitable yoga blocks for any individual that practices yoga exercise on the go.

If you are looking for yoga blocks that are easy to take with you when you take a trip, these lightweight and also sturdy yoga blocks are a great selection. The easy-to-clean product makes them added practical, as well as they are risk-free to make use of.


  • Lightweight material.
  • Won’t slide when piled.
  • Green.
  • Durable.
  • Selection of shades.


  • Uneven density.
  • Prone to imperfections.

5. Node Fitness Premium Yoga Block-3 Inches

The Node Fitness Premium Yoga Block can be found in 2 different colors, purple as well as mint. The backs are high-density Eva foam that gives you extra security and also supports all the settings you execute in your yoga or Pilates class. They evaluate less than five ounces, so they are not a problem to reach class or store out of the way.

The Node health and fitness blocks are moisture-proof, so you do not need to stress over your exercise making them damp or the accumulation of microorganisms. The Eva product is a closed-cell style that locks out water as well as sweat. They likewise include a non-slip external finishing so your fingers and also toes can hold the blocks without fear.

The blocks are compact, with 9 by 6 in size and also size. The blocks are only three inches tall, so you can easily grasp them in a smaller sized hand. They are additionally the ideal size to fit most yoga bags and also pile out of the way.

The design of the blocks consists of beveled edges, that make it very easy to grip with your fingers and also toes. It likewise supplies a nice pillow for your head if you use it while reclining during corpse pose. They are risk-free to utilize for all types of individuals and also job to minimize injury as well as muscular tissue stress.


  • They are Eva foam that works that is moisture-resistant.
  • You can fit them quickly right into many yoga exercise bags.
  • The beveled sides help them be very easy to hold with your hands and feet.


  • Some purchasers will certainly find these blocks to glossy to utilize.
  • Might be available in even more shades.

6. Gaiam Essentials Yoga Block (Set of 2)

Surface for Yoga exercise is best for individuals trying to find allergy-resistant yoga exercise items. They use non-latex materials to make the foam thick and also supportive.

The blocks can help you straighten your spinal column in several presents while being half denser than Eva block to make sure every bend as well as the curve has the assistance. The surface of the blocks is non-slip, as well as a diagonal side ensures you will certainly not drop or diminish the blocks.

You can spot tidy the blocks with mild detergents or soap to remove excess sweat and also let them air dry. The layout helps them be immune to mold and mildew and also germs build-up.


  • You don’t require to fret about slipping as they are anti-slip.
  • They are latex-free.
  • You can clean up the blocks utilizing a light cleaning agent or soap.                  


  • May be too light for some customers.
  • Can scent when brand-new.

7. REEHUT Yoga Blocks

The REEHUT Yoga Blocks be available in several shades as well as sizes so you can blend your yoga practice as well as readjust for when you require a bit extra support. The blocks are high-density Eva foam that gives a high degree of support also under the considerable weight. The block does not squeeze when you utilize it.

The blocks are moisture-resistant along with a lightweight, so you can conveniently relocate them in between poses without them getting slick or denting. The edge of the block has a bevel, which makes them simple to hold with a hand or a foot in several poses.


  • There are several colors and dimensions to select when you purchase them.
  • Do not squish when you use them.
  • They are high-density Eva foam.


  • Can smell when new.
  • They are very easy to mark.

8. FILA Accessories Yoga Block

Fila Accesorios YOGA BLOQUES bloques de espuma EVA para soporte ...

The FILA Accessories Yoga Block can be found in 3 different colors to aid make your yoga exercise technique much more vivid. They supply you with added assistance and extend your reach for different placements while functioning to help you protect against injury.

The blocks are durable, one hundred percent Eva foam, to help support your body positions and assist you to be steady. A beveled side aids you to grip the block as you move with your fingers or your toes. They are the perfect multi-use accessory for many practices, from yoga exercise and also stretching to reflection.


  • They function to offer you additional support to avoid injury.
  • They are one hundred percent Eva foam.
  • Diagonal edges help you grip the blocks while in multiple positions.


  • It could be tougher.
  • It could be larger for some individuals.

9.  Bean Products Yoga Blocks – Cork or Foam

The Bean Products Yoga Blocks be available in cork or foam. There are 5 various colors to pick from with the alternative of acquiring among each. Despite the kind of block you acquire, they are high-density foam or cork that helps you execute in any kind of or all of your yoga exercise poses.

The design of the blocks consists of a beveled side so you can grasp the block as you relocate. No logo begins the blocks, just a small heart to link the Bean brand name to the block. The design of the blocks, cork, or foam is soft to touch however long lasting sufficient for your tasks while being infidel on your flooring.


  • There is a small heart etched on the blocks.
  • You can purchase the blocks in cork or foam.
  • The blocks are light-weight and also durable.


  • It can smell when brand-new.
  • Maybe also heavy for some individuals.

10. Gaiam Cork Yoga Brick

This yoga brick, made from natural cork, is an optimal prop if you are seeking ways to fine-tune your positioning, equilibrium, and positions. It measures 9″ x 3″ x 5″, which is smaller sized than the basic size. The Gaiam company is understood for envisioning a way of living that is healthy for individuals, households, as well as the planet. The name Gaiam integrates the term Gaia, implying Mother Earth, with I am, to advise us of our interconnectedness. These blocks are hefty as well as secure, yet small and narrow.

This yoga block is especially effective for the Lyengar yoga exercise, a widely practiced kind of yoga exercise that focuses on the alignment of positions as well as physiological details. Unlike foam blocks, this yoga exercise block is wonderful for the security and also safety that it gives. It will not tip over and is really high in top quality. It is a perfect size for numerous yoga exercise poses, and also the product is natural.


  • All-natural product.
  • No odor.
  • Practical dimension.
  • Strong.
  • Inexpensive cost.
  • Easy to clean up.


  • No shade choice.
  • Heavy.
  • Not extremely mobile.
  • Last thoughts.

Including yoga blocks to your method has numerous advantages. They will assist you to learn new positions, enhance your stability, and also enjoy your yoga exercise experience extra completely. As you can see, there are numerous superb yoga blocks available. When making your option, you need to consider numerous factors such as cost, materials, style, dimension, as well as shape.

In the long run, selecting yoga blocks as well as other props boils down to personal preference and requirements. Whichever yoga block you choose, you will be glad to have it with you the next time you are attempting a brand-new position and also need some extra assistance.

What Are The Benefits Of Yoga Blocks & How To Use Them?

Include Length.

One of the most uncomplicated functions of the yoga block is to lower the distance between you and the ground and therefore to assist in as well as customize yoga presents to match your degree of adaptability.
For instance, if you can’t touch your toes (yet!) in the Forward Fold, putting your hands on the yoga block will reduce the stress on your lower back by moving several of your body weight to your hands.
With a yoga block, you can conveniently change a difficult present to release your body from stress and anxiety as well as pain.
Have a look at the video below to see how to use yoga blocks for hamstring versatility.

Protect against Injury.

Yoga blocks offer additional support for your limited hips and knees and aid avoid injury.
For instance, sitting on the block in the Hero Pose (Virasana) will save you the undesirable sensation in your knees while at the same time delicately stretching your upper legs. By changing the height of the block, you can slowly function in the direction of the full asana without unneeded strain and threat of injury.
Have a look at how to use a yoga block for tight hips as well as knees below.

Develop Good Alignment Habits.

If you can’t breathe effectively in the pose and feel uncomfortable, after that it does no good for you. Once again, yoga blocks will pertain to your rescue by helping you with alignment.
Take Side Angle Pose (Parsvakonasana), for instance.
It’s a superb full-body exercise that promotes strength, versatility, equilibrium, and spine lengthening. Nevertheless, the complete present where one hand’s touching the ground, as well as the leading arm, forms a right the line from the toes to the fingertips is hardly obtainable to most individuals.
A number of us do not have sufficient adaptability to carry out the full expression of the present, which leads to breaking down the chest and also rounded shoulders.
By placing your bottom hand on the yoga block, you can still delight in the advantages of the pose while keeping spinal stability and an open front body.

Include Support.

Yoga blocks serve props for enhancing your equilibrium and also building toughness for more advanced placements.
Take Crow Pose (Bakasana), as an example. This arm balancing position requires a strong upper-body and also core strength. But also for beginners, it can be frightening to raise the feet even if they have enough strength.
To build self-confidence, you can position the block under your feet as well as maintain lifting one foot at the time. You can likewise constantly place the block under the temple for extra assistance.
With the help of yoga blocks, you can proceed at your own speed as well as development asanas when you’re prepared.

Turn On Muscles & Add Challenge.

Are you an adaptable yogi who’s been exercising for years? You can still enjoy lots of benefits by consisting of yoga blocks into your yoga exercise routine.
Specifically, obstructs work wonderful for muscle mass activation and also for adding some shed to typical yoga exercise positions.
For instance, hold a block in between your knees to activate inner upper legs as well as prevent your legs from splaying out.
Or you can hold the blocks in your hands throughout standing asanas such as Warrior II or Warrior III. The heavier the block, a lot more extreme the method and even more included advantages for you.
Blocks are likewise an exceptional help for deepening your stretch, making it feasible for you to progress to the following level faster.
Right here’s a helpful video (though not yoga-focused) on exactly how to make use of blocks to construct toughness.

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