Top 10 Best Bikram Yoga Mats For Hot Yoga Review of 2020

Top 10 Best Bikram Yoga Mats For Hot Yoga Review of 2020

If you’re a routine hot yogi, then a quality mat is an absolute must. It’s the one tool that you’ll use every day and forms the structure for quality practice. Regrettably, not all mats are created equally and the one that your friend likes may not work for you.
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The mat is where the magic happens, and you require one that is going to be strong, slip-proof, and strong enough to endure the heat. Therefore, what you require is a Bikram yoga mat. These mats are perfect for hot yoga, outside, and in the sun yoga together with extreme yoga. You are going to get sweaty no matter what kind of yoga.

What Makes a Great Hot Yoga Mat?
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Hot yoga needs something various than the standard cheap yoga mat you might utilize in a normal class. For starters, you’ll want something that you will not slip on – that’s a provided. However, there are a few other elements to think about before making your choice.

It Has to Absorb Buckets of Sweat

In hot yoga, you’ll work up a severe sweat which can leave slippery swimming pools on your mat. So you have a few alternatives. For one, if you currently own a yoga mat you enjoy, then you can buy an extra towel. We suggest the Yogitoes towel by Manduka (evaluated here).

Additionally, if you know you’ll be devoted to hot yoga, then I suggest getting an absorbent hybrid mat. These mats are similar to having a yoga towel that’s built-in and they’re normally easy to clean. The Lifeform yoga mat is our preferred for hot yoga, however, there are other options if you’re on a budget plan. Either way, getting a mat or towel that’s highly absorbent and will not lose grip is a must.

It Should be Comfortable – But Not Too Thick
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Hot yoga’s an active exercise and you’ll be up and down quite often. If you experience delicate joints the heat will assist, however having a thicker yoga mat can also ease pressure and pain on your joints. That being said, if you require a thicker mat, I advise picking a denser product. A thick and squishy mat will indent too far and might hinder your balance. Opting for a thick, thick product will offer excellent cushioning for your joints without throwing you off balance.

You Want Something That’s Easy to Clean

Mentioning cleanliness, having a closed-cell mat is easier to clean up. Close cell simply suggests that your mat is not porous and therefore will not soak up sweat, dirt, and germs into itself. This means that you can practically spray it off and wipe it clean after class.
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An open-cell mat, on the other hand, is permeable. These pores can get sweat and dirt into them that makes a great house for bacteria to grow. But you can get around this by cleaning it after every class with a decent mat cleaner (or make your own) and doing a deep clean as soon as a week. The routine cleaning process shouldn’t take you longer than 5 minutes and the deep tidy is generally simply soaking it in the tub with some vinegar – so it’s not a big deal. But you need to keep this in mind if you understand you desire an extremely low upkeep mat.

It Needs to be Sticky
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If you’ve ever used a routine mat in hot yoga then you’ve probably experienced a good quantity of slipping. And slipping takes ALL the enjoyable out of class. The majority of the mats developed for hot yoga are created to prevent slipping – although they carry out at varying degrees. A quality hot yoga mat ought to become stickier as you sweat and heat up more. An excellent yoga towel will do the same thing.

Pro Tip: To keep your mat sticky/increase it’s stickiness, clean it routinely, and never use any soap that has conditioners in it (this applies to both your mat and yoga towels). They include a movie to your mat/towel which basically ruins the grip totally.

The Best Bikram Yoga Mats For Hot Yoga

1. Gaiam Yoga Mat – Premium 6mm Print

You want the absolute best. Our top choice formats are among the very best. Nevertheless, there are a couple of other alternatives you can likewise think about. Have a look at our list.

Gaiam Yoga Mat for hot yoga
The Gaiam Mat is amongst the best mats on the marketplace due to the fact that they are extra thick and really durable. The mat is sticky and has a non-slip texture that is more grippy and fantastic for traction. The mat is made of non-toxic 6P free PVC making these mats eco-friendly.

Dimensions: 68 ″ L x 24 ″ W x 6mm Thick
Weight: 3.34 lbs.


  • Excellent Grip.
  • No slipping.
  • Several color options.


  • Strong Scent.
  • Attracts lint/pet hair.

2. Jade Harmony Yoga Mat

The Jade Mat has an excellent grip and offers remarkable traction. They utilize a natural rubber, which is far more grippy than any other mat and adds more cushioning. This rubber mat is amongst the very best because it is designed for lasting performance and durability through any extreme workout. Additionally, the Jade Yoga business gives back by planting trees for every product sold.

Measurements: 3/16 ″ thick, 24 ″ broad regular width/ 28 ″ in XW.
Weight: 4.3 lbs.


  • Exceptional traction.
  • Fantastic building.
  • The grip is excellent.


  • Mat doesn’t hold up after hours of use weekly.
  • The colors fade in the sun.

3. Liforme Original Mat

Liforme Original Yoga Mat for hot yoga that is green.
The Liforme mat is among the top competitors and absolutely the top for environment-friendly as it is a fully naturally degradable mat. Made from natural rubber and special eco-polyurethane, this mat is tough and has a terrific grip on it. The mat includes positioning lines to help you accomplish the right present and give you the ideal balance.

Dimensions: 70.8 ″ L x 23.6 ″ W 2mm Thick.
Weight: 3.5 pounds.


  • Includes a yoga mat bag.
  • The grip is unequaled.
  • The lines assist you to focus on form.


  • Padding could be much better
  • The material squeaks while changing positions.

4. Aurorae Synergy Foldable On-The-Go Yoga Mat

The Synergy hot yoga mat is among the very best mats for hot/active yoga on the marketplace. Using this mat, you will not experience slipping or bunching as you go through the numerous asanas and you’re sweating. The mat is made from 5mm of eco-friendly natural cork together with a microfiber product yoga towel that bonds to the mat no matter how damp the mat becomes.

Dimensions: 72″ L X 24″ W.
Weight: 2.5 lbs.


  • Absorbs sweat.
  • Easy to wash.
  • You might have to spray it down prior to usage.


  • Bunches if not damp enough.
  • Thin.

5. ARC Yoga Mat Cork

This cork floor covering is among the best since it is extremely sturdy, as well as it is crafted for yoga exercise teachers. This floor covering is both lightweight as well as padded enough to be comfortable with a 4mm thickness that is excellent protection during most yoga poses. Moreover, this floor covering will certainly not slide, and also it has antimicrobial agents that keep it clean and odorless.

Dimensions: 72 x 24 x 0.2 inches
Weight: 5.4 pounds.


  • Includes a yoga band that pairs as a bring strap.
  • There is an optional matching towel.
  • The product is 100% biodegradable.


  • Not thick enough for those with knee problems.
  • Slides at times when damp.

6. Ajna Eco Organic Mat

These yoga floor coverings are designed to offer you the best for your knees as well as joints. They are non-slip and also do not bunch up. The hold on these floor coverings is impressive, and you can feel confident recognizing that there is complete security with this mat. You will certainly like exactly how light-weight this floor covering is and how you can take of this floor covering conveniently. Of the most effective yoga exercise mats, this repels smells and also sweat for a much more sanitary yoga exercise.

Measurements: 72 inches lengthy and also 5mm thick.
Weight: 4.4 pounds.


  • This floor covering is entirely all-natural.
  • The business plants trees with every purchase.
  • You can clean this floor covering conveniently.


  • Not excellent if you are going to sweat a lot.
  • You must use pants with this mat.

7. BalanceFrom GoYoga All-Purpose Exercise Mat

This mat is made to make certain convenience for people regardless of form or size. The high-density foam offers a comfortable product to do any kind of asana on. The dual-sided mat is slip-proof as well as gives an ideal grip. You can maintain your equilibrium quickly with this mat with exceptional strength. Overall, an outstanding mat for any individual practicing yoga.

Measurements: 71″ L x 24″ w 1/2″ THICK.
Weight: 1.8 pounds.


  • Easy to cleanse.
  • Can be found in several shades.
  • Supplies suitable security.


  • Can get slippery when wet.
  • Has an odd fragrance to it.

8. Manduka PRO Mat – Premium 6mm

Of yoga exercise mats, this set has amazing density and also supporting for your joints. You will like how supportive these mats are and also the treatment that went into the craftsmanship. The materials used are imported PVC. The mat has a closed-cell surface area that stops sweat and dirt accumulation as well as avoids bacteria from developing. Closed-cell makes it almost impossible for dirt to get in.

Measurements: 71 ″ L x 26 ″ W– 85 ″ L x 26 ″ W 6.35 mm Thick.
Weight: 7.5-9.5 lbs.


  • Excellent padding.
  • The item is assured forever.
  • You never ever lose grasp.


  • Starts to lose its aesthetic appeal after time.
  • Takes time to burglary.

9.Travel YOGA DESIGN LAB The Combo MAT

These gorgeous mats are exceptional for any individual looking for the included support required to do numerous yoga exercise postures. The mat is a yoga towel/mat combination that is made to aid improve grip and absorption of sweat. Made from all-natural rubber as well as microfiber products, this floor covering can be cleaned quickly. These mats are both practical as well as visually appealing.

Dimensions: 70 in (178 cm) x 24 in (61 cm) x 3.5 mm.
Weight: 5lbs.


  • Has attractive designs that don’t fade.
  • There are many color options.
  • You don’t slip on this mat in all.


  • The floor covering has a tendency to bunch up when you are moving quickly.
  • Has an unattractive smell.

10. Non-Slip Yoga Mat 

This extra-large floor covering is perfect for any sort of yoga exercise. You will certainly enjoy exactly how comfortable this mat is without compromising the security. You can maintain a strong grasp along with not bother with gliding. This floor covering is made from natural rubber without making use of any type of chemicals. You will like the truth that this floor covering offers optimal supporting that is uncompromisable.

Dimensions: 84.2″ L X 26.8″ W 4.5 mm thick.
Weight: 3.6 lbs.


  • Excellent security.
  • Comes in a variety of shades.
  • Easy to clean up.


  • Does the smell of rubber.
  • Much heavier than you may believe.

Why do hot yoga in any way?
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You might think that it seems truly odd to exercise warm yoga exercise, yet the reality is, there are tons of benefits from doing yoga in the warmth. Below are a few of those advantages.

Fewer Toxins – doing warm yoga exercise permits impurities to sweat out of your body thus lowering the toxic substances in your body.

Lung Capacity – the warm assists your lungs to broaden more, hence allowing you to take more air. Additionally, this kind of yoga exercise is developed to increase your breathing and also, thus lung ability.

Raised Flexibility – the warm helps your muscular tissues to be much more limber as well as enables you to strengthen your bends, spins, and extra.

More Powerful Immune System – a hot setting is fantastic for assisting to improve your body’s immune system.

Fat burning – the heat combined with the yoga exercise steps is excellent for supporting losing those added pounds.

Flow – the warmth and also yoga exercise are both superb for your blood circulation.

Decreased Injuries  – The warm, combined with more thoughtful breathing workouts and deeper poses, helps reduce the possibility of injury.

What should you look for in a warm yoga exercise or Bikram mat?
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Warm yoga has different requirements that are a bit different from other yoga. As a result, you want to seek certain points when it comes to shopping for the best Bikram mat. Below are the vital points you take into consideration while you shop.

  • Sweat-resistant/ absorbing – Since the crucial part of this yoga is HEAT; you are mosting likely to sweat. Therefore, you require a mat that is going to handle all that sweat. A yoga towel is useful as well.
  • Easy to Clean – Again, sweating is mosting likely to be unpreventable. For that reason, you require a mat that is going to be easy to clean so that you don’t need to deal with yesterday’s sweat throughout today’s session.
  • Grasp – There are two sorts of grip to take into consideration, dry and also wet grip. Regardless, you want to make certain that you can preserve your grip to avoid injury.
    Density – This may be more of a choice, but you intend to guarantee you are comfortable. Warmth as well as yoga can feel unpleasant, so the thickness is necessary for added convenience.
  • Product – The type of material your mat is constructed from is mosting likely to determine how it holds up against the warm and also the sweat.
  • Texture – Having a mat that really feels right is essential. Plus, texture plays an essential roll in just how comfy you feel and also the kind of grasp you can keep.
  • Weight – How hefty your mat might be is additionally an identifying factor since if you do yoga exercise at a studio, mobility is something to take into consideration.
  • Length – Your mat for hot yoga should be long enough to hold your whole body throughout presents. There are a variety of lengths for a range of elevations, including extra-long.
  • Where it was made – Knowing where your floor covering is made aids figure out if this floor covering is created well.
  • Durability – For hot yoga, you require a floor covering that can withstand the heat, the stress, as well as sweat from your body without breaking down.

Other aspects:

  1. Extra padding.
  2. Green materials.
  3. Does it drive away sweat and also dust?
  4. Does it have a chemical or rubber scent to it or not?
  5. The business.

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When seeking the very best Bikram yoga mat, did you similar to this list? There are lots of wonderful options to choose from, as well as ideally, you discovered the one you like ideal. Something to take into consideration is when doing hot yoga or any type of sort of yoga exercise that needs sweating; you desire security. Of those mats examined, each of these provides a level of comfort as well as security needed to give you self-confidence.

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