The top 5 Gaiam Yoga Mat Review of 2020

The top 5 Gaiam Yoga Mat Review of 2020

Doing yoga is the ultimate power move for any lady living in America today. After all, it benefits the mind, body, and also spirit. And also even if you do not stay in America, these floor coverings will ship anywhere. Help on your own commitment to a normal yoga exercise timetable with a yoga mat you enjoy.

When it concerns Gaiam Yoga Mats, there are tons of choices to pick from. They’ve been in the yoga exercise item world nearly the longest as well as chances are you have one of their items lying around the house today.

But, are they great yoga floor coverings, or exist far better choices?

In this Gaiam yoga mat evaluation, we cover several of one of the most popular Gaiam yoga floor coverings and also give you a malfunction of what we like, what we do not such as, and the alternatives we favor.

What Is The Gaiam Yoga Mat?

Gaiam Yoga is a popular brand for entry-level yogis. They create budget-friendly yoga exercise products of every type and also usually, their products are respectable. They don’t compare to the high-end yoga floor coverings in top quality but they do whatever you need rather well.

Most of the Gaiam yoga mats are made from a foam or PVC material that’s fairly affordable to produce which enables them to pass those savings on you. They stand up well, supply suitable cushioning, and also be available in a wide array of printed designs.

On the whole, the Gaiam yoga exercise mats are good however we’re most likely to assess their most prominent ones and see exactly how they compare to similar mats from various other yoga businesses.

Review Of The Best Gaiam Yoga Mats

Listed below we’re going to take a peek at one of the most preferred Gaiam yoga floor coverings. We’ll inform you what we like, dislike, and also if there are alternative yoga exercise mats we would certainly like.

Standard Gaiam Yoga Mat – Print



The 6 mm Gaiam print yoga exercise mat is probably their most well known as well as very successful yoga exercise floor covering. Nearly every person has one someplace in their closet or garage. It’s made from a safe PVC that’s lightweight (considers concerning 2 1/2 pounds), provides good cushioning, and it’s always used in lots of published patterns.

We like numerous aspects of the common floor covering. For starters, it’s economical. Secondly, the sheer selection of styles implies any person can locate something they such as. As well as finally, it’s 6 mm which is thick enough to supply great cushioning also for those with sensitive joints.

A few various other high points are that the grip is great as well as the material will basically last for life so even if you use it daily, it needs to hold up.

What we don’t love is that it’s just like most affordable yoga exercise mats. Definition, it curls at the ends when you place it down, really feels inexpensively made, and also does not offer the very same course as a few of the other floor coverings. It also has a chemical scent when you first get it but if wash it down with some soap and also essential oils the smell disappears instantaneously.

On the whole, this is a good one for beginner yogis, those who simply need something simple and do not really care about getting a premium yoga exercise floor covering.

What makes this yoga exercise floor covering special?

Several print design choices

Affordably priced (at the time of this writing).

 Reduced maintenance.


      • 68 x 24 inches.
      • 6 mm.
      • 2.49 lbs.
      • Great grasp.
      • Company thickness.

Gaiam Sol Dry-Grip Yoga Mat



This is among Gaiam’s warm yoga mats that are developed to take in sweat and also keep a dry hold throughout the class. It’s made from a thick PVC that’s devoid of hazardous chemicals and has an “overcoat” that’s made to absorb as well as wick sweat. The grasp improves throughout the course as the warm increases.

The light-weight, as well as long-lasting mat, also provide plenty of supporting to sustain your joints.

There are a couple of fantastic features of the floor covering. Firstly, the reality that its sweat absorptive is a big win. It does a great task of continuing to be high grasp throughout the class and also works well in non-heated yoga environments. It’s developed to be comparable to the Lululemon yoga mat but less expensive.

It also comes in a common yoga exercise floor covering size (68 x 24″) and an XL variation that’s 78″ x 26″ which offers you lots of areas even if you’re a much bigger individual. This additional area is great if you’re in a crowded yoga exercise course and do not such as rubbing joints with your sweaty neighbor. When it comes to style, at the time of this writing, it’s just supplied in 4 colors however they’re all good shades.

What we don’t like about the floor covering is that greater than a few people have reported that their yoga exercise floor covering fell apart quickly. This isn’t typical with PVC yoga mats but the leading covering on the mat appears to be much less sturdy. The top coat also has a tendency to stain and hold sweat marks so go with the darkest shade you can obtain if you choose to get this.

On the whole, I would not suggest it unless you’re an outright newbie as well as simply require a yoga exercise floor covering to evaluate whether you like yoga. There are much better hot yoga mats for an equivalent cost. Specifically, one of our faves in the Combination yoga exercise floor covering. It’s a little bit more (at the time of this writing) however well worth the investment.

What makes this yoga mat special?

Dual purposed for both warm and non-heated yoga exercise.

Cost-effectively priced (at the time of this writing).

A closed-cell surface that’s very easy to clean.


      • 68 x 24 inches.
      • 5 mm.
      • 3.09 lbs.
      • Great grasp.
      • Closed-cell surface.
      • Latex-free.
  • Gaiam Jute Yoga Mat


We’re fans of jute yoga exercise mats and also examined the best hemp yoga exercise mats recently. We rated the Gaiam as our preferred for novice yogis so it’s a great starter yoga exercise floor covering. It strikes the excellent balance between design, quality, and cost for any person beginning in yoga.

There are numerous things we such as regarding the Gaiam hemp …

We like the color, it has a terrific hold, as well as it’s reasonably lightweight making it a wind to give as well as from course.

Nevertheless, there are some sacrifices.

It does not seem to last as long as higher-end hemp yoga floor coverings which is why we recommend it for newbies. If you’re a skilled yogi and also understand that you’ll be practicing for some time, then you might opt for something that’s a bit more sturdy.

The jute material on the Gaiam is interwoven within the foam as well as offers a coarse surface area that’s very helpful for hold. As for your yoga exercise floor covering property, it’s supplied in one dimension which is 68 x 24″ and also 5 mm thick so it’s pretty standard. This works for anybody under concerning 5′ 10″. If you’re taller, you’ll want something longer.

That product it’s made from is a PER foam that provides a company density that gives suitable support with a little bit of a floor-feel. As well as naturally, the leading layer is the hemp which offers you the hold in addition to a distinctive view on your yoga mat.

This most likely wouldn’t be thick sufficient for somebody with delicate joints and also practicing on difficult flooring. Nonetheless, it would certainly work if you’re exercising on the carpeting.

In general, we recommend this as a solid newbie yoga floor covering for any person who likes the feel and looks of hemp.

What makes this yoga exercise floor covering unique?

Wonderful grasp for non-heated yoga exercise.

A unique layout that turns heads.


68 x 24 inches.

5 mm.

PER foam.

4.25 pounds.

Wonderful grasp.

Gaiam Cork Yoga Mat



Gaiam cork yoga exercise floor covering is one more strong option for a fashionable and also affordable yoga mat. We’re big fans of cork because it’s naturally antimicrobial, looks terrific, offers outstanding all-natural grip in both hot as well as non-heated settings, as well as cork often tends to be the excellent density.

What we like about this specific yoga exercise floor covering is that it really feels a little extra solid than several of their various other Gaiam alternatives and consists of a lifetime service warranty. It’s not unusual for some cork yoga mats to flake ahead so understanding that you can send this back in if that ought to ever happen offers some comfort. Numerous individuals reported their yoga mats cracking as well as flaking so you may require to make the most of this service warranty if that takes place.

The grip externally of this yoga exercise floor covering is best for hot yoga. If you use it in non-heated yoga exercise, it does not grip as well due to the fact that the material needs to heat up a little for the best outcome. You likewise wish to cleanse the yoga floor covering when you initially buy it. Out of the box, it’s a little bit a lot more glossy as a result of the stuff left externally from the production process. After cleaning it down the grasp improves.

It’s worth keeping in mind that the cork layer on top is quite thin which is possibly why it’s sold at such an inexpensive rate.

In general, it’s a suitable entry-level cork yoga exercise mat that’s great for newbie yogis. If you’re trying to find a higher-end cork yoga exercise mat, our favorites are the Basically Perfect cork yoga floor covering and also the Body By Yoga high-end cork yoga exercise floor covering. We like both of these more yet the Gaiam is an all right newbie option.

What makes this yoga mat special?

Naturally antimicrobial cork layer.

Unique design and also a color that looks extremely awesome.

Lifetime Warranty.


68 x 24 inches.

5 mm.

4.5 pounds.

Wonderful grip.

Lifetime service warranty.

Gaiam Athletic Yoga Series


We actually like the sports mat and also it’s specifically that, a yoga exercise floor covering for professional athletes. It’s just 5 mm thick, reversible, and all set to go whenever you require it. It’s one of those no-nonsense yoga exercise mats you can simply throw on the ground and also reach work with.

We like that it’s over-sized at 78 x 26 inches which makes it suitable for taller and bigger people. You can quickly spread out on this without your knees going off the sides or encountering your neighbors in a congested yoga exercise course.

At 5 mm thick and simply over 3 pounds, completions curl a little when you place it down which isn’t always a big deal but something to be familiar with. This thickness also offers you some flooring really feel under you.

At the time of this writing, it comes in simply one color which is relatively easy to fix so it’s really 2 shades in one. In general, we like this as an easy, economical, come down to function kind of yoga floor covering.

What makes this yoga exercise floor covering unique?

Extra-large size and width.

A very low maintenance yoga exercise floor covering that’s constructed for longevity.


78 x 26 inches.

5 mm.

3.7 lbs.

Good grip.

Alternative yoga floor coverings.

Before you go out and also acquire a Gaiam yoga exercise floor covering, there are some equivalent options that might be a much better fit for you.

Manduka Welcome Yoga Mat


The Manduka Welcome yoga exercise floor covering is a 5 mm thick high-grade yoga mat made by among our preferred business. It’s 68 x 24 inches and also considers just 2.3 pounds. So it’s simple to offer as well as from yoga exercise class.

It’s made from a lightweight and dense TPE foam with a closed-cell surface that’s very easy to tidy as well as overall, it’s an outstanding yoga floor covering. It’s greater than the Gaiam yoga mats (at the time of this writing) yet it’s additionally a premium yoga exercise floor covering that’s still affordably valued.

The Welcome mat compares most to the common Gaiam yoga mat however from a quality and functionality point of view, we choose the Welcome floor covering.

What makes this yoga exercise mat special?

High-end yoga exercise mat from an excellent and dependable brand name.

Great grasp as well as simple upkeep, closed-cell surface area.


68 x 24 inches.

5 mm.

2.3 pounds.

Great grasp.

Heathyoga Eco-Friendly Alignment Mat


The Heathyoga mat features alignment markings and also compares most in look to the very high-end Liforme yoga exercise floor covering. This set isn’t meant for hot yoga like the Liforme yet it’s right around the exact same price as the Gaiam yoga exercise floor covering (at the time of this writing) and also an additional one we favor.

Between this one and also the welcome yoga exercise mat, if you require a yoga floor covering for non-heated yoga, you can’t go wrong with either of these. They’re both excellent yoga exercise mats, very highly ranked, attribute terrific hold, as well as terrific designs.

This gains the Gaiam yoga mat due to the placement marks (they actually do assistance), TPE rather than PVC material, grip, and also dimension (it’s 72 x 26″ rather than the 68 x 24″ Gaiam). It’s also competitively priced so it’s kind of a no brainer.

What makes this yoga mat special?

Over-sized length as well as size offers you lots of room on the floor covering.

Super beneficial alignment marks to assist you to stay centered throughout your session.


72 x 26 inches.

6 mm.

2.8 pounds.

Excellent hold.


When it involves yoga mats, the Gaiam yoga floor coverings are excellent for newbies. They’re not targeting the advanced yogis or going for the premium market so you can’t anticipate them to compete with these yoga mats. Nevertheless, they provide excellent worth for the money and they’re worth buying as an entry-level alternative which is why we made this Gaiam yoga exercise mat review.

That being stated, there are tight competitors in this variety, and also we prefer the Heathyoga or Manduka Welcome to the majority of the Gaiam yoga floor coverings.

The Manduka Welcome yoga exercise mat is a high-end yoga exercise mat at a mid-range cost. It provides exceptional grip, longevity, and it’s lightweight so it’s easy to bring around.

The Heathyoga uses similar benefits yet it’s in the very same cost array as the Gaiam mats making it very cost-effective.

What to Look for in a Yoga Mat.

Thickness: Yoga mats can vary substantially in terms of density: Some travel-friendly floor coverings are a mere 1/16 inches thick, while cost choices can be approximately 1/2 inches thick. The thicker your floor covering is, the even more padding it’ll offer during presents– perfect for those with delicate knees or wrists. However, the tradeoff is those thick floor coverings are bulkier to deliver as well as keep. They can also be a bit wobbly throughout balance positions.

Product: You’ll encounter a few common products as you purchase yoga exercise floor coverings. The majority are made from PVC (or vinyl), which has the perfect quantity of providers and does not maintain moisture or odors. Nonetheless, PVC isn’t one of the greenest products, which is why numerous yogis like mats made from rubber, jute, or cotton.

Appearance: Some mats are textured while others are completely smooth. Distinctive mats normally supply a much better grip, so you won’t be unclothing your downward pet dog, while some people find smooth mats to be more comfortable on their hands. It all relies on your individual choices.