How to Clean Lululemon Yoga Mats: Tips & Useful Lifehacks

How to Clean Lululemon Yoga Mats: Tips & Useful Lifehacks

The practice of yoga has actually been around for thousands of years already and it has actually ended up being more popular in recent years, specifically in western culture. It is a total exercise for the body and mind that is not just used to tone and strengthen the body however likewise for its health advantages. The practice of yoga can be leveled up with the use of yoga tools. Some of the most typical yoga tools consist of medicine balls, yoga blocks, trapeze, straps, wheels, and yoga mats. The yoga mat identifies one’s personal space and fence during yoga. These yoga mats also help yogis and yoginis reinforce their hold, avoiding their hands and feet from slipping throughout different presents or asana. It likewise serves as a cushion and protects our body whenever postures are done directly on the ground.
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Whether one chooses to lease or purchase their own yoga mat, it is very important that the yoga mat is kept tidy. The practice of yoga as a workout with numerous different forms and styles, which will cause the body to sweat. That also indicates that there are a hundred ways to get in contact with bacteria, bacteria, and infections. This might not just trigger an individual to end up being ill; it could likewise produce a bad odor on the mat.

There are lots of ways of cleaning yoga mats. It could be using soap and water, or business cleaners. But it is essential that we find a way that would make sure that the mat is decontaminated. The approach of cleansing that mat will also differ depending upon the kind of mat.
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Lululemon yoga mats are a few of the most popular yoga mats used in yoga. These Lululemon yoga mats are best for having various thicknesses, being long-lasting and durable. It is well-known for being made from natural rubber on one side and coated in polyurethane on the other. Products or mats that are covered by polyurethane are wetness and sweat absorbing. Which will be fantastic in avoiding slipping throughout yoga particularly if you sweat a lot. The material is also treated with Ultra-Fresh antibacterial treatment. This was added on Lululemon items to prevent bacteria and molds from developing on the mat.

Even if Lululemon yoga mats have this added feature, it is still extremely suggested that Lululemon yoga mats are cleaned up after every use to ensure that it will last for a long time. Different brand names of yoga mats revealed unique cleansing techniques and instructions specific to their brand, especially that each brand has particular materials utilized. Lululemon yoga mats are extremely simple to tidy.
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How to Clean Lululemon Yoga Mats

1. Using vital oils

Vital oils are not just popular for having a good aroma, however, it is also famous for having natural anti-bacterial and antifungal properties. That is why lots of home-made cleansing dishes consist of essential oils. Some of the most typically utilized essential oils for cleansing are tea-tree and lavender which have properties that combat germs, bacteria, and viruses; rosemary and cinnamon are both well-known for its anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties and eucalyptus which is known as a natural germicide.

What you need: Spray bottle, 2 to 4 oz of filtered water, Tea-tree and lavender necessary oil or any necessary oil

Add two drops of tea-tree and a drop of lavender important oil in a 2 to 4 oz of filtered water. Witch hazel or vinegar can be included which are both great antibacterial representatives. The necessary oils can be combined and matched, whichever works for you best. Transfer the mix into the spray bottle and shake. Spray the entire mat with the mix.

2. Using baking soda and also lemon juice

Baking soda and lemon juice are not just ingredients for cleaning up yoga exercise floor coverings, but this mixture is also a well-rounded all-natural cleanser that functions without the harsh chemicals discovered in commercial cleaners and also it is also less costly. The sodium bicarbonate aids eliminate stains as well as deodorize the yoga exercise floor covering. The enhancement of lemon assists remove bacteria and also offers a fresh odor.

What you need: One teaspoon of baking soda, freshly squeezed lemon juice, 8 oz of water

In a dish or small basin, add a tsp of baking soda first and then include the lemon juice. The combination of baking soda and also lemon juice need to form bubbles. Include 8 oz of water and mix. Dip a washcloth in the mix and utilize it to wipe the yoga exercise floor covering. Air-dry the yoga exercise floor covering after.

3. Making Use Of Yoga Mat Wash spray

These yoga mat clean sprays are ready-made as well as are offered online.

Just How Often Should Lululemon Yoga Mats be Cleaned?
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Deep cleaning up the yoga exercise floor covering when a week is fine for those who have regular yoga exercise sessions, or you can utilize the spray blended with water and essential oils and also spray the yoga floor covering prior to and also after each yoga exercise method. Although, if the mat is being made use of outdoors on lawn or it is revealed to youngsters or family pets then, you may wish to think about cleaning it more often. Even if the yoga floor covering is not being utilized frequently, it can still accumulate dust when it is saved. Dusty yoga floor coverings are not healthy and balanced in all since the workouts also call for appropriate breathing, which will be tough if the yoga exercise mat is unclean and also messy.

Cleaning your yoga exercise mat frequently is a great method as it does not only eliminate germs as well as bacteria on the floor covering. Normal cleansing assists lengthen the life expectancy of the floor covering. It likewise makes cleaning easier, as it will stop the build-up of the dust. In this instance, you do not necessarily have to do deep cleaning anymore. Making use of a foul-smelling yoga mat is unpleasant, not just for you yet likewise individuals around you. The smell can distract you particularly throughout sessions where you require to practice meditation and focus. Cleansing the floor covering helps reduce odor and also eliminates it completely.

Over-cleaning the yoga floor covering is additionally not healthy. Overdoing the cleaning might trigger the yoga exercise mat to break even more easily, which will certainly decrease its life span.

Why You Should Clean Your Lululemon Yoga After Each Use or as often as possible?

You may think – oh my yoga floor covering does not smell or look dirty so why should I cleanse it after every usage? Several of the most awful bacteria and fungi go undetected because they do not produce any odors as well as they do not leave evidence they got on your mat.
Do not let the absence of odor or view mislead you, the microorganisms and fungi live on your yoga exercise mat as well as likes to hang out and accumulate.
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The number of times has you finished your method in remains posture, as well as the last thing you were considering, was cleansing your mat right after class.
I know, I understand, it was not on top of your “to-do checklist”, however it should be!
You need to be cleansing your yoga mat, Lululemon yoga mats consisted of, after every single technique. There are several factors for cleansing your mat after each usage. These are the leading five reasons you ought to be cleansing your mat each practice.

1. It Prolongs Life of Your Yoga Mat

Cleansing your floor covering will boost the service life of your mat and your mat will certainly remain fresh as well as clean, constantly. You will certainly be getting rid of the mat of bacteria, fungi, as well as other germs that hide after the sweat, sits for a very long time.
Using an all-natural cleanser such as the one talked about previously in this article is wonderful to use since you understand just how much of each ingredient is entering and also it benefits you as well as the setting.

2. It Helps to Avoid the Hard Deep Cleaning
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Most of us recognize when we continually put tasks off, such as cleaning up the final cleaning is the hardest since recognizing we have to clean up all that we did not in the past.
If you cleanse little by little, in the form of after each usage, you will certainly not need to stress over the difficult deep cleansing due to the fact that your mat will already be fresh and also tidy. Your mat as well as your nose will certainly thank you for those cleanings.

3. Everybody Loves a Clean Yoga Mat, Even Your Fellow Yogis

Every yogi concerns yoga exercise courses for one factor– to do yoga exercise. What happens if you are very into your yoga exercise method and also you are just about to toenail a pose that you have been dealing with for months and after that, all of abrupt you smell a smell that is not so pleasant?
You know it is not you since you cleaned your yoga exercise floor covering after the last class, then you understand is it the floor covering of the person ideal alongside you. You think to yourself– “when was the last time they cleaned their mat?!”.
An additional reason why cleaning your floor covering after each practice is very recommended, you do not intend to be the person in course sidetracking the other yogis because you did unclean your mat!
Also adding important oils to your all-natural cleanser will illuminate the smell of your yoga floor covering up until the next cleansing. All of your other yogis will certainly thank you.

4. A Clean Yoga Mat Is Better for Your Own Health.
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Bacteria and fungi are not the best for our physical or mental health and wellness. Sure we experience them every day and we have actually ended up being unsusceptible to some germs and also fungi, but others are simply bad for us to take in and even to be around.
If sweat sits for a long time without being cleaned, those not so great microorganisms and also fungi begin to make a house on our floor coverings and that is not good. Think about cleaning your mat as maintaining on your own and also others around you healthy and balanced.

5. You Can Establish a Cleaning Habit.

Materializing practices are unavoidable, we are human and are creatures of habit. All of us have excellent practices as well as bad habits. As you understand the bad habits are the hardest to damage as well as the good habits are the hardest to preserve; ironic.
But in order to maintain an excellent routine, you have to do it continually and with time your brain, as well as your body, will certainly begin to recognize it as great due to the fact that it is making you really feel better. Keeping an excellent behavior of cleaning your floor covering is feasible, it simply takes practice.

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