10 Best Yoga Mats for Sweaty Hands & Feet of 2020 Review

10 Best Yoga Mats for Sweaty Hands & Feet of 2020 Review

Yoga Design Lab Manduka PRO Yoga Mat TOPLUS Yoga Mat
  • Mat+Towel
  • Non-slip bottom
  • Machine washable
  • Ultra-dense cushioning
  • High-performance grip
  • Great support & stability
  • Optimum thickness
  • Anti-skid design
  • Free carrying strap
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If you’ve ever practiced yoga on a cheap mat, or without any mat at all (gasps in scary), you know the battles of slipping around in postures like down pet dog.

This is a particular struggle if you practice faster-paced designs of yoga such as vinyasa due to the fact that, let’s face it, we’re bound to get a little sweaty!

However fear not fellow yogi, here is my list of the top 10 best yoga mats for sweaty hands and feet so you never need to deal with this struggle again!

What are nonslip mats? And why you need one!

Non-slip yoga mats are exactly as they sound. They’re developed to stop you slipping around during your yoga practice.

Why would you require this you ask? Well, in other words, your yoga practice becomes a lot less relaxing when you’re constantly needing to adjust your alignment since your hands are taking a trip up your mat.

best yoga mat for sweaty hands; best sticky yoga mat for sweaty hands

And aside from this inconvenience, in worst cases, bad alignment might lead to discomfort and injury, which is definitely not what you desire when you step on your mat!

Having a non-slip yoga mat developed to stand up to those sweaty minutes guarantees you’ll have both a safe and peaceful practice, with minimal diversions.

The Benefits of nonslip yoga mats

best yoga mat for sweaty hands and feet; best cheap yoga mat for sweaty hands

Yoga mats developed to endure sweat have a number of benefits consisting of:
Enabling you to hold poses for longer: when you can keep proper alignment without sliding around you have the ability to concentrate on your breath and hold poses for a longer time.

  • Smoothing your transitions: a stable base enables you to transition from one posture to the next more efficiently without slipping.
  • Targeted muscle building: when we’re in correct alignment, we can target the ideal muscles and focus on particular locations we wish to develop safely.
  • Permitting you to practice sophisticated positions: we do not want to even try advanced positions such as handstands when there’s a possibility of our hands slipping on our mat. Non-slip mats enable us to practice advanced positions safely.
  • Reducing the chance of injury: if we’re less most likely to slip around in a position, we’re less most likely to be in improper positioning, position a strain on our muscles, or totally fall!
  • Improving your confidence: knowing that we’re unlikely to slip on our mat can enhance our confidence in our practice without needing to stress over the concern of slipping. This enables us to put all of our focus into practice.
  • Longer life-span: if you got a little too fired up about this one, let’s just be clear in saying I’m talking about the mat! Mats that are developed to hold up against sweat are less likely to deteriorate when exposed to it, implying you won’t need to replace your mat anywhere near as frequently, saving you that dollar.

Best Yoga Mats for Sweaty Hands

Dropped into utter confusion, what are the best yoga mats to purchase in 2020? After reading the reviews given below, it will become simpler for you to pick the best yoga mat for yourself. Make sure to have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of each of the products to understand keenly about them. Time to dig in! Here we go …

Clever Yoga Mat
  • 100% non-toxic
  • Incredible grip
  • Highly durable
Aurorae Classic Mats Aurorae Classic/Printed Extra Thick and Long 72' Premium Eco Safe Yoga Mat with Non Slip Rosin Included
  • Extra thick
  • Slip-resistant
  • Comfortable & safe
Manduka PRO
  • High-density cushion
  • Sweat-resistant
  • Non-slip bottom
Jade Harmony
  • Incredible grip
  • Great cushioning
  • Eco-friendly material
The Gaiam Sol Dry
  • Very lightweight
  • Virtually odor-free
  • Aesthetically appealing
Yoga Design Lab
  • Mat+Towel
  • Non-slip bottom
  • Machine washable
Gaiam Yoga Mat
  • Non-toxic material
  • Sticky bottom
  • Lightweight & durable
Gaiam Premium Mat
  • Reversible design
  • Extra thick cushioning
  • Slip-resistant
Manduka PROlite Mat
  • Non-sticky surface
  • Emissions-free manufacturing
  • Superior wear and longevity
  • TPE friendly material
  • Carrying strap
  • Durable & long-lasting

1. Aurorae Classic – Best Yoga Mat for Sweaty Guys

Aurorae Classic/Printed Extra Thick and Long 72' Premium Eco Safe Yoga Mat with Non Slip Rosin Included

Aurorae Classic – Best Yoga Mat for Sweaty GuysThe initially one on the list of the best moisture resistant yoga mats is the Aurorae Classic Yoga mat that scored high marks from all the consumers whoever used it. Whether its stickiness, thickness, resilience, or weight, the mat’s production was achieved, keeping in view all of these standard attributes.

This mat has got standard measurements, similar to a basic yoga mat. 5mm Thick, 72 ″ long and 24 ″ broads with an extra centerpiece icon to let the yogis keep their focus throughout the exercise.

The 5mm thick rubber is particularly best for people who sweat a lot and for this reason, lets the sweat permeate inside the perforated mat’s surface area.

I would not personally mark this as a good idea for making a mat sweat-resistant since this might result in unclean conditions if left unwashed for more days. However inconsistent to this, another good thing is that cleaning and rinsing the mat are extremely easy!

You might clean it once a week if you are doing a yoga workout every day. AND IF, cleaning up for you is an issue? No concerns, vacuuming would work terrifically too!

The mat has actually been tested to be safe and non-toxic. Also, the cushioning is kept moderate and would not let your body sink into it. This is a versatile yoga mat for kids, women, and males however specifically entitled as the best yoga mat for sweaty men.

Have a look at the “Sunset” printed variation of the item; you are going to enjoy it.


  • Maximum density
  • Sticky bottom surface area
  • Range of styles and colors


  • The leading surface area is perforated; might have developed as totally moisture resistant.

2. Gaiam Yoga Mats – Best Extra Thick Yoga Mats

Gaiam Yoga Mats – Best Extra Thick Yoga MatsIt is made from 100 percent pure PVC, ensuring a quality ensured item with a good life too! It is created particularly for people who sweat a lot while doing yoga or those who are struggling with Palmar hyperhidrosis.

This mat is additional thick, and the sweat stays on the top surface area of the mat. The designated density is 6mm, which is marked as an optimum one when it has to do with yoga mats.

The additional thickening also supports painful joints, and you would get sufficient cushioning to do your yoga workout conveniently and safely.

For an exceptional grip and exceptional traction, the mat has got a sticky non-slip texture. It would comply with the place where it gets positioned and would not even somewhat be moved due to extending or other versatile yoga strategies.

Consumers have reported that the mat somewhat produces a bad odor when secured of the box. I would recommend you not right away begin utilizing it when unpacked. Make certain to unroll the mat and location it in the open air for at least two-three days and then put it into usage for the best experience.

A special choice of designs and prints are offered for you to pick from. Opt for the print that matches you and your yoga type.

If you are someone who is going to do the meditation activity more than any other type, try to get a solid plain color mat. That is going to keep your focus and assist you do your yoga the ideal way!


  • The good surface area texture
  • Lots of designs and colors offered
  • Comfy; max thickness


  • Produces a bad odor for few days when unpacked

3. Jade Harmony – Best Yoga Mat for Sweaty Palms

Jade Harmony – Best Yoga Mat for TravellingThe ideal thing about Jade Mats is its superb hold! Despite whatever floor covering from this brand name you are going to make use of, the attributes would not disappoint you!

This best yoga floor covering for perspiring palms has actually got a moderate density of 3/16 inches. Though the thickness is very little however the mat is capable of stopping the sweat wetness from remaining on the leading surface area and also maintaining you risk-free from slipping danger.

The bottom surface of the mat has a great appearance that makes it stick to the ground. The cushioning has actually been done really intelligently, as well as you would experience a mushy yet encouraging feel on every part of the mat.

You have a selection to pick from 5 various dimensions. I would suggest you to either select the 71 inches or the 74 inches dimension because mats that are bigger than this dimension have lower security when putting on the flooring. Opportunities are, they might slightly glide as well as disturb the rhythm of your yoga exercise.

Available in a lot of designs as well as shades, choose the one that matches your mood, home décor, or needs! Definitely an item worth thinking about.

However, I would certainly not suggest it for individuals who are suffering from joint pain because they surely need to utilize a floor covering with a little a lot more thickness for added gentleness.


  • Size selection readily available
  • Sweat-resistant
  • Excellent security


  • A little thinner as contrasted to various other floor coverings

4. Manduka PRO – Best Sweat Resistant Yoga Mat

Manduka PRO – Best Sweat Resistant Yoga MatMust have read about Manduka yoga floor coverings prior to? A brand that has an exceptional track record when it concerns yoga equipment!

Several clients buy the Manduka floor coverings because of the toughness this brand has handled to generate in their mats. Not just the sturdiness yet the unparalleled comfort and cushioning with the most effective traction and also stability make it the perfect one for all yogis around!

I would certainly mark this as the very best yoga exercise mat for novices since it gives high assistance as well as allow the yogis try a variety of yoga exercise postures with perfection.

All those people who sweat excessively THIS MAT are GOING TO BE YOUR BEST TAKE!

The close innovation induced in this yoga mat is not going to let any sweat get inside the mat as well as make it sanitary. Rather, it is mosting likely to make the sweat leave the surface of the mat without triggering any type of threat of slip.

The floor covering is directly my favored one due to the fact that the material is soft, safe, as well as feels like it is not mosting likely to be rough to your body in all!

You can pick from a selection of colors, all plain and also strong, to allow the yogi’s emphasis more throughout the exercise.

This floor covering was qualified finest for reflection purposes since clients mentioned they might kick back, tranquil, as well as concentrate more while doing the meditation workout upon it as contrasted to the other types of yoga exercise.



  • Soft and also comfortable
  • No-slip; good grip
  • Plain solid shades for even more focus


  • Extra thick dimension makes it a little bit much heavier

5. Clever Yoga Mats – Best Extra Long Exercise Mat

Smart Yoga – Best Non Slip Yoga MatExtra extra padding. Wow! Do you recognize this floor covering has got an extra 1/4 inch layer of supporting aside from the optimum 6mm mat’s density?

Isn’t it incredible?

For kids as well as individuals of old age that go to danger of joint discomfort after extreme yoga workouts, try this mat, as well as you are mosting likely to have the best experience ever before! Aside from the cushioning building, it has obtained other delightful functions too. Check out below!

The reversible non-slip surface area allows you to do all kinds of yoga exercise exercises with great confidence.

This floor covering is best known for the power yoga since that normally needs the yogis to take great deals of turns and also stretches, and the mat is going to provide good stability as well as assistance throughout that.

It only evaluates 2 pounds and is super simple to fold up as well as reach your yoga studio or outdoors.

Caused anti-tear innovation would not enable the floor covering to get a peel, flake off, or hole apart when as soon as it gets wet due to sweat. The close cell surface would certainly additionally not permit bacteria, microorganisms, or sweat to get permeated inside.

It is extremely easy to clean also. If you do your yoga workout daily, clean it appropriately with a device clean; otherwise, just vacuum it, as well as your job would certainly be all done! You can likewise read our comprehensive overview to learn just how to tidy yoga exercise mats in your home.


  • Maximum supporting
  • Dampness resistant
  • Close cell modern technology maintains the mat hygienic


  • Unsightly styles

6. Gaiam Yoga Mats for Beginners

Gaiam Yoga Mats for Beginners Another one from Gaiam once again! Well, their high quality is assured, as well as toughness is so appreciable; customer’s rankings made me add one more item from the brand on this listing.

Let me tell you ahead of time that every one of their mats has appealing prints upon them.

For all those trying to find a meditation workout yoga exercise floor covering, this is not made for you! Eye-catching prints as well as layouts generally do not let the yogis doing the meditation workout to focus upon the workout with confidence as well as thus end up; they do not experience the calm and relaxation they desire to achieve.

It is comprised of PVC, which is a far better choice as contrasted to rubber but still not the most effective one! I choose to obtain a TPE mat, however taking into consideration other features of this ideal yoga exercise floor covering, it can definitely stand apart.

The floor covering would certainly not create bad odors, however, make sure to keep it in the open air once you begin feeling it is releasing a negative odor. Keeping its exterior for some time would fix the misery.

As well as do you know what?

All those purchasing this yoga mat are going to get a totally free perk downloadable yoga exercise workout to assist obtain you started with your yoga workout in case you are a rookie to yoga exercise.

The floor covering is sweat-resistant, as well, ensuring sanitary conditions. An excellent option to think about!


  • Top-quality material
  • Better supporting and convenience
  • Non-slip as well as terrific hold


  • No disadvantages for this set

7. TOPLUS – Best Lightweight Yoga Mats

TOPLUS – Best Lightweight Yoga MatsThe next good one on the listing is TOPLUS. The minute I saw that the floor covering is composed of TPE products, I simply got so much pleased! Besides a high quality ensured product, this floor covering has excellent traction as well.

Every person knows security, grip, and yoga exercise floor covering’s hold are really important elements to think about since it equips the user to do all types of yoga exercises.

The floor covering is relatively easy to fix; you can use it either way. Expect if the leading surface area gets filthy or flakes off due to some accident, no worries; transform the mat inverted, and begin doing yoga on it.

It has a 6mm thickness, which is not as well slim nor thick. I would rather call it an enhanced density best for doing the yoga workouts.

One of the most ideal types of yoga you can do upon this mat would be Bikram, Power, as well as warm yoga exercise. You might also experiment with extending exercises on it since this floor covering has actually obtained fantastic traction.

When laid on the flooring, it is going to stay with its location as well as will not slip or skid from its setting. This is just one of the most vital as well as significant functions that must exist in every mat; otherwise, there is a possibility of slips and trips.

The mat is moisture immune, also, as well as can offer you well if you are someone who sweats a lot. Available in purple, blue, and black shades. Pretty colors to choose from!


  • Optimal thickness
  • Lightweight
  • Two in one; both sides can be utilized


  • Calls for routine cleansing

8. YOGA DESIGN LAB – Best Yoga Mat with Towel

YOGA EXERCISE DESIGN LAB – Best Yoga Mat with TowelTruly the best yoga floor covering for perspiring individuals! This floor covering has also got an integrated towel on the top surface to allow all the wetness to get penetrated.

The material is an all-natural tree rubber, so entirely ecofriendly. Natural tree rubber, as the name shows, is an all-natural product and would not give any type of toxicity in the long term. Also, rubber, when drawn out from trees, is SUPER SOFT AND DELICATE! Nonetheless, the padding is optimum however very little significant.

Yoga layout laboratory might have functioned a lot more upon the softening component. I would not suggest the floor covering for the old aged individuals due to the fact that they may experience joint pain after doing their yoga workout upon this mat.

It would be best if you washed it off commonly because the towel part of the mat might hold bacteria due to excessive sweat absorption. However, cleaning as well as washing is extremely very easy also. Just toss it right into the washing maker and hang it out in outdoors for drying.

Severe cleansing is not recommended, yet a slight laundry would not vanish the print or shade of this best yoga mat for perspiring men.

The floor covering is lightweight, and like the product, it is made of currently portrays! Additionally, it has a band upon it to carry it conveniently to your yoga exercise studio or outdoors, whenever you feel like exercising imaginable rays or on the beach. A good option to think about!


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to cleanse and also clean off
  • Sweat immune technology


  • Cushioning could have been far better

9. The Gaiam Sol Dry-Grip Yoga Mat

One thing that you could notice about sweating during the yoga session is that your mat can stink up a storm! This is since yoga floor coverings are revealed to an excessively high amount of microorganisms.

The Gaiam Sol Dry-Grip yoga mat, one of my faves, was produced utilizing this technology with a moisture-repellant product that allows the floor covering to stay dry and rise in grasp as the temperatures rise.

Yoga mats that utilize this technology, give you a slip-free surface area that is a lot more safe and secure than the ordinary yoga exercise floor covering.

This is ideal for yoga exercise specialists that sweat a lot or technique warm yoga. This is really my favored floor covering for requiring to hotter, sweatier yoga sessions.

The topcoat of the floor covering was created to wick dampness away, as well as the grip increases as the temperatures get warmer.

This sort of innovation was also created from a closed-cell product that maintains away bacteria, bacteria, and smells.

If you’re a germaphobe, like me, this floor covering currently looks like a desire come true. I directly still like to keep my mat as clean as feasible.

Gaiam makes a special floor covering cleansing spray; nonetheless, you can always wipe down your mat with a wet cloth. Sometimes I’ll sprinkle a dashboard of baking soda on the mat prior to cleaning it down.

Some individuals might prefer to scrub their floor covering more vigorously with a sea salt scrub or wipe down with water blended with distilled white vinegar.

Exactly how you tidy your floor covering is completely approximately you (although right here is some fantastic advice how to do it best)– supplied that your certain mat does not include a collection of cleaning directions.

Though, I located that the Gaiam Sol Dry-Grip yoga exercise mat does not take in sweat odors, and also does not smell like rubber upon buying it brand new.

With a lot to discuss with this mat, I have broken down the pros and cons for you.
In comparison to the ever comfortable Lululemon Athletica’s “The Mat”, which retails for $70, I have discovered this mat to be a close challenger.

If you are seeking to invest an added couple of dollars, you can get a completely odorless mat (whereas Lululemon has that initial rubbery smell out-of-the-box).

This floor covering additionally seems to really feel a little softer than Lululemon’s. The Sol Dry-Grip is 7 inches much longer than Lululemon’s floor covering, or any other basic yoga exercise mat.
It’s additionally extremely light-weight in comparison to various other yoga mats. However, if you like a medium thickness (5 mm or two), you may select an extra hefty/ cushiony mat.


  • Very light-weight
  • Virtually odorless (no rubbery odor when taking it out of the package, does not soak up sweat odors as most other mats do).
  • Extra cushiony for my knees and also elbows.
  • Aesthetically appealing; streamlined and trendy in black, sporting an awesome style.
  • Dark color to mask any possible sweat discolorations (if they happened; which they probably would not due to the great moisture-repelling modern technology).
  • Optimal Dry-Technology, providing me with a basically slip-free surface.


  • The higher-than-average price, retailing for around $70.
  • Gaiam’s floor coverings are a bit narrower than I’m utilized to.

10. The Manduka PROlite Mat

One more among my preferred yoga floor coverings (for the environmental as well as slip-free elements) is the Manduka PROlite.

I love how to slip immune this floor covering is and also how it gives me the perfect quantity of extra padding.

The Manduka PROlite is an “absolutely no waste” mat as its manufactured making use of an emissions-free procedure.

In addition, this mat additionally includes a lifetime guarantee – a guaranteed included bonus offer. Who wishes to get a new mat each year?

The Manduka mat appears to soak up a sweat quite a lot, despite the fact that it’s made with closed-cell modern technology.

I have discovered in lighter shades of this mat, it collects sweat spots. The supplier has actually recommended rubbing the meat with sea salt and afterward hanging outside to dry.
I have actually discovered that this has helped to relieve a lot of that awful sweat odor, but of course, is extremely time-consuming.

I noticed that my mat was regularly tied-up with these sea-salt therapies, so I had to go out to my course with another mat because this wasn’t yet completely dry.

Numerous yoga exercise practitioners are active and do not have the time to hand-clean their mat and hang completely dry daily.

It is sometimes OKAY simply to spray the mat with an odor soaking up antiperspirant spray, or spray a little baby powder or baking soda, roll up the floor covering as well as put it away to ensure that it doesn’t stink up your house (or vehicle).


  • Five shades to select from.
  • Lifetime Guarantee Warranty.
  • Superior wear as well as longevity.
  • Superior wear as well as durability.
  • Patented dot pattern base to prevent gliding.
  • Lightweight.
  • Travel-friendly for the yoga practitioner on-the-go.
  • Zero-waste, sustainable yoga mat.
  • Non-sticky surface, even with sweat.
  • The closed-cell surface avoids the absorption of dampness and microorganisms.
  • OekoTex certified.
  • Emissions-free production.


  • Not AS slip-resistant as the other mats assessed in this write-up (may be good if you are truly such as to glide).
  • Of one of the most expensive floor coverings evaluated right here.
  • Requires constant sea salt scrubs to maintain it tidy.

How to Choose Yoga Mat for Sweaty Hands

best yoga mat for people with sweaty hands; non slip yoga mat for sweaty hands

The strategy for choice of yoga exercise floor covering for sweaty hands is various from picking a normal doing yoga floor covering. Listed below are some important aspects that sweat guys need to take into consideration for an assortment of workout session floor covering.

√  Sweat-Resistance: It should be actually made of sweat-resistant components and without BPA and also latex.

√  Outstanding Traction: Top surface area of the doing yoga floor covering ought to provide great hold to hands and also feet.

√  Dry Technology: It will be actually great if the supplier has actually made use of a modern technology that keeps the surface area of the mat completely dry.

√  Non-Slip Back: The mat ought to have an anti-slip base that enables the mat to catch beautifully to flooring and avoid it coming from sliding as well as gliding throughout the yoga session.

√  Fullness: It is another essential variable, a nice strong floor covering delivers the user suitable padding and harmony and also let mystics enjoy their doing yoga task.

√  Longevity: Judging durability of a product isn’t a simple task, for this you need to have to fail to remember the price of the item. A yoga exercise mat that delivers good value for cash will certainly cost you some added dollars. Review the client assesses just before spending your challenging made money.

√  Size: It may vary from one person to another, there are unique yoga exercise mats for high people as well. Select a yoga floor covering depending on your height and offered a room at your property or studio.


  • What can you provide for perspiring palms from yoga?

If you sweat a whole lot, always keep a small towel pinned approximately your exercise clothing to quickly make the sweat quit your hands during the course of the yoga workout. Nevertheless, it is better to choose a floor covering that has actually towel included within it. Such a mat would certainly create your hands minimal moist while you doing yoga upon that floor covering.

  • Exactly how perform I keep my hands and also feet from tripping my yoga mat?

A wetness resisting doing yoga floor covering will function best in such a scenario! Floor coverings that absorb moisture and also do not keep some of the moist sweat upon its own area would certainly not cause any slip hazards for the individual. Mostly all the floor coverings on this list have actually acquired excellent hold as well as footing, as well as would certainly keep your palms and also feets coming from escaping on the doing yoga mat.

hands too sweaty for yoga mat; best yoga mat for people with sweaty hands
  • Are actually yoga exercise floor coverings as well as workout mats the same?

No! Yoga exercise mats generally possess more cushioning as reviewed to the physical exercise mat. Other than the cushioning residential property; doing yoga floor coverings have better grasps as well as securities than a workout mat. This is due to the fact that you commonly need extra assistance throughout a doing yoga workout rather than basic workouts.

  • What is the greatest yoga mat for sweaty hands?

PLUS Yoga Mat– Classic 1/4 in Pro Yoga Mat Eco Friendly: I would certainly denote this mat as my personal favorite for moist palms. It has obtained amazing humidity insusceptible innovation and is comprised of a TPE product that is going to always keep the mat sanitary no matter how many opportunities your palms produce excessive sweat to it.

  • How often should you clean you are doing yoga floor covering?

Hinge on your timetable and routine of doing yoga physical exercise. If you are actually doing it regularly like day-to-day; make certain to wash it the moment every pair of weeks. If you perform you’re doing yoga exercise thrice a full week; at that point, it’s alright to cleanse it off monthly.

Final Words

cheap and best yoga mat for sweaty hands; yoga mat for sweaty hands for arthritis; best yoga mat for sweaty hands feet

If I were at your location keeping an eye out for the greatest yoga mat for sweaty hands, the top component I would look at will be actually the double-layered best area. I denote this as a primary one cause individuals who sweat excessively carry out certainly not actually like to make use of towels after each and every single measure. This will help make the yoga physical exercise also fast-paced for them. So search for the floor coverings having enough layering to take in the sweat as well as additionally maintain the surface non-slip. I am going to be actually upgrading the post if I get my eyes on some other finest yoga mats for sweating individuals besides these ones. Until after that, Good luck and HAPPY SHOPPING! Make sure to drop down your concerns below; I would enjoy helping to choose for you the very best yoga mat for sweaty hands.

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