Yoga Teacher Training

Wanna truly own your yoga practice? Help others, too? The Yoga Homeschool 200-hr  Certified Yoga Teacher Training Course is the best way for you to learn yoga from the ground up in order to enjoy an enriching personal practice, understanding what makes a practice safe, beneficial & transformative. And learn the fine art & detailed science of how to teach yoga to others. Focusing on alignment of body, awareness of mind & ease of spirit, you will experience why yoga must be customized to the individual  & specialize in how to do so.

You can take the first 100 hours on its own to enrich your personal practice. Or you can complete the full 200 hours to become a certified yoga teacher.

 Part Community. Party Study. Part Play. Total Joy.

*Is this the right program for you? *  ☎ Call: 052-425-7053