Summatime & Being Easy

This new month (and the new moon of Sivan) heralds in the summer season! It’s felt in the heat and the length of the days as well as the desire for some off-the-grid r&r.

Long Summer Days & Breezy Warm Nights

Long Summer Days & Breezy Warm Nights

While it might make sense to you that summer would be an auspicious time to delve into a super active practice, I want to suggest an alternative. There’s alot of sweat and increased limberness in the muscles from the temperature. It’s certainly easier to get more flexible, more quickly. And it’s fun to get on your mat and go even further with the sweating! But how will we bring more balance in if we just match what’s going on for the outside world? If the outside world is hot and loud and full of desire and extroversion, where will you find anchor when we need to come back home?

I want to suggest that we all take the opportunity of the summer to melt away the distance and detachment we can experience with our own beings. Even in yoga, it’s easy to get on the mat and adjust your body to poses. But this isn’t gonna bring us the most long-term bang for our buck. We’re letting alotta riches seep out when we practice this way. With the sweat dripping more fluidly in these months, it makes our exterior self a bit softer to allow ourselves to listen in. To allow ourselves to adjust the poses to our body and being.

How does it feel when you’re in your Warrior 1 / Virabhadrasana 1 and the back heel grounds down, your belly lifts in & up and the openning of your front body and heart center energizes the spreading of your raised fingers? Do you feel your power there? What about in Relaxation Pose / Sivasana, when you just turn the music off and go into the exploration of your inner world;  where it’s loud or quiet, open or resisting release, soft, yet present. Do you taste the delight of the paradox of being here?

Take this opportunity of summer to treat yourself to a yoga practice that honors and nourishes your full-being.  And get yourself to the beach pronto!! Xo ?

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