Spring Cleaning

Ingrid Aria @ Tel Baruch in Tel Aviv, The Yoga Homeschool

Ingrid Aria @ Tel Baruch in Tel Aviv, The Yoga Homeschool


We are entering the spring season, an idyllic time to let go of any junk (spring clean inside & out) so our potential flows freely through our actions & rev up the system to operate on full power, so our deeds pack a cosmic punch.

Bharadvaja’s Twist/ Bharadvajasana is ripe for this month!

As a twisting pose, it:
*releases tension stored in the spine (which then becomes energy for us to use productively!)
*encourages elimination (first twist right / ascending colon, then left/ descending colon)
*helps reverse slouching by opening up the chest & strengthening the upper back muscles
*fires up metabolism (flushes out old blood & draws freshly oxygenated blood to the internal organs, including stomach)
*emphasizes the exhale which automatically ups your calm, lowers your shoulders & softens your being
*stretches the ribcage muscles/ intercostals (which only get a stretch via twisting, therefore supports fuller breathing)
*when breathing is fuller, pooping is regular & elasticity is restored to the spine, your power, energy & reserve are freaking out-of-control!

  1. Sit on the floor with legs straight out in front of you (try sitting up on pillow or folded blanket & see if it feels better, easier, more supportive).
  2. Shift onto your right seat (we’ll use this term from now on for, tush, buttocks, baby-got-back), bend your knees & drop your knees to the right.
  3. Rest your left lower leg on the arch of your right foot (%place right ankle on left thigh as long as no discomfort is felt in the knee)
  4. Inhalation:  raise right arm up to sky & lengthen from your seat planted to the ground all the way up to the crown of your head & tips of your right fingers
  5. Exhalation:  twist right as if the back of your body, the right shoulder blade region especially is leading you, from the bottom up (so your head & gaze enter the twist LAST, though they wanna get there first),
  6. Place right finger tips on ground outside or behind right hip (%right hand wraps around toward left hip, resting on it or binding by holding onto the right foot, as long as there is NO force involved & the right shoulder is happy & willing)
  7. Repeat awareness of lengthening vertically on the inhalation & spreading into the twist on the exhalation from bottom up
  8. Hold the pose for a good six natural (NON-forced) breaths

? Neck problems:  keep your head & gaze not so involved in the twist & more in line with your heart


It's Possible/ Neuroplasticity, The Yoga Homeschool

It’s Possible/ Neuroplasticity, The Yoga Homeschool


A great practice for this month is the power of journaling. If you do it, you know! If you’re new to the practice, you’re in for a real treat to harness your vision and begin/ continue living true to your dreams & desires!

If this is new, like any new habit, the beginning takes the most effort to get into the flow, but I tell you, take the first few moments of the morning & sit with your journal & cup of coffee/ herbal tea, & put pen to paper.

Because this new moon is all about the power of speech, I want us to check in with the stories we tell ourselves. This exercise’ll be 5-parted:

    1. Write down a mission you want to accomplish (you can start with the coming month, expand into the season or year or even stick to this week if you gotta hone in and take it more day-to-day). Choose up to 3. Turn off your judgement voiceover, that nasty little self that says your focus is all wrong, too small, outta reach. Smash that nasty mutha & just write what comes up. Fun things about letting ourselves dream and want is that we can always want more and revise along the way.
    2. Envision that you’ve now accomplished this/these goals. (You’re getting a monthly massage, doing your daily yoga, have beautiful healthy love in your life, lotsa cash in hand, etc.) Feel into it. What does that do for you? Write down the feelings/ states of mind that you experience because you’ve made these accomplishments.
    3. Now we’re gonna go into the shadow a bit, because if we don’t turn on the light there, it’ll always be dark. I’m with you, you’ve got this. That crappy voice inside, that little fear self, what is he saying about why you can’t accomplish your dreams, specifically the ones you’ve listed today? This is the time to get down & dirty nasty, let it out. Write his deafening, full-of-doubt monologue out. >>>By giving monitored attention to your dark feelings, you learn to work your shadow for your benefit. The fears that come up may be telling you what you need in order to feel nurtured & whole visavis feeling what you lack. If your intention is to flip the negative to a positive, what once was your enemy, committed to bringing you down, could totally become your fertilizer.<<<
    4. If you’re into rituals, more of a kinesthetic learner type, take that paper to your bathtub or the beach, offer the lessons written down gratitude for what they taught you & burn it up! Let it go. Give it back. Let Mother Nature worry about turning it into something positive and productive. You’ve got no more need for it. You’ve moved on.
    5. Now take two or three actions that will move you forward from this point where you are now in the direction of your written dream. Maybe it’s sending that email, making that call, updating your dating profile (or deleting it!), donating those pieces of clothes that you love so much, but haven’t put on in a year. Make space & move forward <3


EnCouragement, The Yoga Homeschool

EnCouragement, The Yoga Homeschool


This is the time to set yourself free, break free from the old (you name it) that isn’t lovingly serving you anymore. Your gut knows what that is.

Don’t overrationalize. This month has tremendous compassion built into it! If you just show up with your beautiful courageous <3 & openness to letting your deep desires and sweet dreams start breathing, you will receive abundant support. There is more than enough for you to make this life good on your terms. You must show up & take responsibility for the story you tell yourself about yourself. Make space for what you want by getting rid of what isn’t good for you (you know what that is.) Sometimes, it’s as simple as turning around, walking away, letting go. Continue. Keep your grace. Offer up a Thank You even to the bullshit. Because it served you by letting you know that you have outgrown the smallness. Clarify what you want, why you want it & make a plan with the first step of how you will move towards it. Then be ready for the miraculous to pour in.

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