Essential Oils

Are you interested in enjoying the sweetly fragranced benefits of the world’s highest grade essential oils to reduce your stress level, increase your energy, strengthen your immune system &  begin to get rid of the toxic cleaning chemicals in your home?

Plant-based wellness is ancient, effective, safe & affordable. 

Send me a message to book a free phone consultation to learn how to use these pure & potent gifts of nature for you & your family’s physical & emotional best!

Already know what’s right for you? Bring these oils into your life & immediately begin to reduce toxicity in your body & your home, support indigenous farmers around the world earn fair wages on time & be an important part of the solution to global crises

TRIVIA: Did you know that the air inside our homes is  two to five times more polluted than the air outside?! The scary reason is because of our cleaning products. The empowering response is to use safer, more effective & natural solutions = dōTERRA essential oils! Ditch the poison: I use a d.i.y. all-purpose cleaning spray of water, vinegar, castille soap &  a few drops of On Guard essential oil blend which has been scientifically-proven to kill germs & bacteria, preventing them from returning for many days. The fragrance is also uplifting & warming.

PLUS! If you’d like to experience bliss, a clinical approach to massage with essential oils, book your session with me! In this 45 minute treatment, a technique that works  meridians, marma points & pressure points with the application of specific essential oils will help you to:  reduce anxiety & feel more grounded, lower inflammation, support your body systems in cleansing toxins & balance your nervous system. Feel renewed & nourished! Book your ARōMATOUCH Technique now!