Hi, I’m Ingrid Aria! I am a movement expert &  teach you how to feel better in your body through yoga. Because your lifestyle is SO different from the original yogis’, we need to adapt this exercise to make it safe & beneficial for your unique body & goals.

I specialize in therapeutic yoga for back care, pelvic floor – core function & stress management.

My 1st hand experience with the transformational power of yoga plus many years of studying with the most brilliant teachers in the world of movement helps me guide you to restore trust in your body’s wisdom & learn to decode the messages it communicates so feeling good in your body becomes your natural state. The connection of body-❤-mind & the ability to positively influence your entire life through mindful movement is the backbone of my teaching.

I teach in-person & online: transformational one-on-one sessions & specialty workshops. Teacher trainings offered in Israel & abroad. 

Be in touch! ☎+972-52-425-7053

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